Monday 28 March 2011


Last year I read the book 'Hook and Jill' by Andrea Jones. The book is a story of Neverland and a love story between Captain Hook and Red Handed Jill - the girl who used to be Wendy Darling. Anyway, this isn't about the book. This is about the artist that I found. So for the first time I had a proper look around the authors website and found a link to thisand I fell in love! The first song that I listened to was Part 1 of The Wendy Trilogy. As a rule I am not too fond of guitar music - thanks to my mother trying to learn how to play it when I was younger and listening to the stuff non stop.. But this was amazing! How she tells a story through the whole song...and I couldn't help but listen to it will this very silly smile on my face...It is just so sassy... Her other songs are just as good, my next favourite being Were-Owl. The beat just got into my head and it is so haunting. I went straigh onto Itunes and bought them. Fantastic accidental find!

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