Saturday, 22 November 2014

To Watch or Not To Watch The Fault in Our Stars?

I treated myself to the DVD of The Fault in Our Stars last week...

So? I hear you ask.


I loved the book, i found it hilarious,touching, heartbreaking and everything in between. But at the end of the day the heartbreaking part was the point that stuck with me. I sobbed at the end of this book and it joined the list of books that have made me cry (at that point in time the list consisted of 2 - FYI now I am up to 4). It was one of those books that haunted me and it took me quite a while to shake myself out of the funk it landed me in.

Now, there is the argument that I will know what is coming so it might not be that bad...

There is also the argument that goes something like this "Seriously Alex, it isn't the book. It is the movie of the book. There is a difference."

Both of these argument are valid but at the same time I do not want a repeat of the Les Miserables experience.

I have read the books, seen the stage musical, listened to the CDs. I absolutely, positively knew what was coming with that film when I went to see it. And what happened? That film stuck with me for weeks and threw me into such a pit of despair (it all came from one particular point - I wont go into it in case I spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) that it took me quite a while to get over it.

See, so that totally disproves at least one of the arguments...

What to do? What to do?

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Monday, 28 July 2014

What I am Reading...

Guess what?

Yip, you got it, I am still sitting with the exact same books on my night stand as I had 3 weeks ago. 

And yes, it is getting a little depressing so I am going to shake things up a wee bit and add some new things to the pile.

In my defence I am nearly done listening to The Woman in isn't really freaking me out like I was expecting it to though.

I am going to try sooooo hard to at least get Phoenix Rising finished. I swear this book is glaring at me. 

And as for Dragonfly in Amber...well, we'll see. 

And I am adding some Christie to the pile.

The Secret Adversary is a Tommy and Tuppence novel - they are 2 Christie detectives that I haven't read yet so this should be interesting. 

The Secret Adversary

Is it just me or is that cover a bit scary?

After WW1, childhood pals Tommy Beresford and "Tuppence" Prudence Cowley, lack money and prospects, become adventurers for the British Government. Rich American Julius P. Hersheimmer, powerful Mr Whittington, and an evil mastermind's conspiracy all seek Jane Finn, given papers vital to peace by an agent at the sinking of the Luisitania. Kidnaps, escapes.

Dun, dun, duuuuuuun.

Happy Reading!
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

What I Have Read...

Hi guys :)

I hope you all are having/have had a safe and good weekend.

So, I finished 2 books this week, neither of which were on the bedside table on Monday. But who cares, I was just thrilled to get out of the reading funk I had fallen into.

Agatha Christie saved the day!

The Labours of Hercule Poirot

The Labours of Hercules

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Little bit of trivia for you, this was Agatha Christie's very first published book :)

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

These were both enjoyable reads and pretty quick to get through too.

Look out for the reviews coming soon.


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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stacking the Shelves!

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme that you can find over at Tynga's Reviews :)

It has been ages since I have made any new bookish purchases but when I saw this book on the shelf at ASDA I couldn't resist. 


Kelsea Glynn is the sole heir to the throne of Tearling but has been raised in secret by foster parents after her mother - Queen Elyssa, as vain as she was stupid - was murdered for ruining her kingdom. For 18 years, the Tearling has been ruled by Kelsea's uncle in the role of Regent however he is but the debauched puppet of the Red Queen, the sorceress-tyrant of neighbouring realm of Mortmesme. On Kelsea's 19th birthday, the tattered remnants of her mother's guard - each pledged to defend the queen to the death - arrive to bring this most un-regal young woman out of hiding...

And so begins her journey back to her kingdom's heart, to claim the throne, earn the loyalty of her people, overturn her mother's legacy and redeem the Tearling from the forces of corruption and dark magic that are threatening to destroy it. But Kelsea's story is not just about her learning the true nature of her inheritance - it's about a heroine who must learn to acknowledge and live with the realities of coming of age in all its insecurities and attractions, alongside the ethical dilemmas of ruling justly and fairly while simply trying to stay alive..

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