Tuesday 12 July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Authors I Would DIE to Meet

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1. Charlotte Bronte - I have loved Jane Eyre for as long as I can remember and I would have a fit of the vapours to have a conversation with Charlotte Bronte (needless to say THAT won't be happening). I would love to ask her if she was happy in her marriage.

2. Charles Dickens - mainly just to ask him what exactly his feelings where for his young sister-in-law. And also to hit him for not having Esther marry Mr Jaundice in Bleak House - I LOVED him. 

3. Diana Gabaldon - the author of the Outlander books (although I have only really just discovered this series I am loving the books). I think she would be a fascinating person to sit down and talk too, she must have so much information about all sorts in her head...

4. Andrea Jones - the author of one of my favourite books Hook and Jill which is a love story between Wendy (AKA Red Handed Jill) and Captain James Hook. It is a brilliant read with a really funky rugged page design to it.

5. Wen Spencer - the author of 2 more of my favourite books Tinker and Wolf Who Rules. These books are great fun and come at the idea of elves from a totally different angle...and planet.

6. Lisa Mantchev -need I say more. From reading the Theatre Illuminata series and her blog I think she must be such a fun person.

7. Tamora Pierce - she writes books with fantastically strong female leads, who know their own minds and more often than not go against convention to follow their heart.

Sorry guys, I am glaring at my book case and  I am not being hit by any inspiration...

If I think of 3 more I'll add them post-haste :)

Do you have 10 authors you would die to meet?


  1. I agree with your first two. My next picks would most likely be J.K Rowling. Oscar Wilde. Shakespeare, and Stephenie Meyer just to curse her out for writing Breaking Dawn, then it would most likely be Anna Godberson. I cant think off anymore.

  2. The whole list is great.
    I think I would like to meet the Bronte sisters, I should've put them on my list.


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