Monday, 29 July 2013

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle - The Engineer's Thumb

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The Basics
Dr Watson is woken up early one morning to see to a young man. To his horror he discovers that the man is missing his thumb. 

First of – EWW! He has his thumb hacked off. Now that’s just plain icky.

Second (of? – nah, that doesn’t sound right) – The victim – Mr Victor Hatherley – was a bit of an idiot whose reasoning for ignoring the warning given to him was a bit A LOT weak.

I mean, really, there’s obviously something very dodgy going on and what do you do? You hang around because you are feeling ‘put out’ by the fib you have been told.

Yeah, he was asking for it really.


I loves how he had a full blown fit of hysterical laughter – hmm…I’m  starting to think that I am a liiiitle but twisted.

The best bit though was when Sherlock – as cool as you like – pulled out a paper clipping and shows him a missing person report of some who was just like himself. Young. Single. Engineer. And obviously very dead. Brilliant. And obviously because he’s Sherlock Holmes he remembered the clipping just like that *clicks fingers*.

Sherlock Holmes is just that good!

It was really interesting though because as Victor (I’m sure he won’t mind be using his first name without an introduction) is telling his story I am thinking OH MY GOODNESS the baddies have had all night to get away! 

Will they catch them?

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