Monday, 31 October 2011

Flying Blind (The Dragon Diaries Book 1) by Deborah Cooke

Out today - 31st October 2011

Zoë Sorensson is perfectly normal, except she's been told she's destined for great things. Zoë's the one female dragon shapeshifter of her kind. But Zoë is at the bottom of the class when it comes to being Pyr and her powers are AWOL, so she's sent to a Pyr boot camp.

Zoë quickly realizes that she has to master her powers yesterday, because the Pyr are in danger and boot camp is a trap. The Mages want to eliminate all shifters and the Pyr are next in line-unless Zoë and her friends can work together and save their own kind.

There be dragons here!

So, it has been a wee while since I have read a dragon book and I am happy to say that this wasn't a disappointment.

We have mages, dragon shifters, plots and spells.

I was thrown straight into the story and given no opportunity to get bored or draw breath. But what I liked most was that because we are being told the story by Zoe there is no iffy-but-y-ing to get to the dragon aspect of the story.

Flying Blind is set in the year 2024 but right now this doesn't seem to have much of a bearing on the story line the only bit of technology is that everyone seems to have something that sounds like an i-pad.

Zoe is a real and likable teen character who faced everything that was leveled at her in the way she thought was best. It was refreshing to have a character not complaining constantly about wanting to be normal. Zoe wanted to be a dragon and live up to the expectations of those around her. I loved that!

The twists and turns were at times surprising. Just when I was starting to think everything was settling down and allys and enemies had all been sorted it blew up in my face - that definitely kept me reading.

One problem that I had was that I would have liked there to have been more description. I couldn't see clearly what was going on - especially with the transformations.

Also on a character stand I didn't really like the other teens who were meant to  be Zoe's friends. I understand that they couldn't really help their actions as they were under a spell but they seem to be too easily manipulated by it - surely they could have put up some kind of a  fight. And they were also trying to pressure and bully Zoe into doing things she wasn't capable of.

And last but not least Zoe's parents - I am beginning to think that I have a serious issue with parental figures in books. (What do you mean I'm projecting?). Zoe has problems getting her powers to work and has not been able to transform until she gets angry at a girl who was picking on her best friend and part transforms in front of her. Her parents aren't very happy with this. Now that got me angry. Her mother did the whole 'what were you thinking' thing and then her dad did the let-her-stew thing. This really irritated me. In fact, no one in this book seemed to be fully supportive of Zoe other than the basic stranger who appears on the scene.

Rant over.

All in all a fun read - despite the character thing. I am looking forward to the second book to see how all of the characters grow and develop.
Maybe it had been different in the olden days, when avenging knights had to be barbecued and damsels plucked from danger.
I wanted to be serious eye candy in dragon form. 
Thank you to Allison and Busby publishing for the review copy of this book :)
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Saturday, 29 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Post 5

How is everyone's NaNoWriMo prep going as we all have less than 3 days to go?

I had a slight story melt down a few days ago but I am starting to glue everything back together again - sorta. The problem seems to be that I can't get everything laid out in a way that I am comfortable and happy with following - yes something like that is enough to throw me (I've been the same since school).  I had started to put everything on cards and I was happy with that for about 2 days and then my head did a total 180. So yeah, I am trying to avoid writing anything down right now and keeping stuff in my head until I can look at a sheet of empty paper without getting agitated - weird and wonderful I know.

Anyway, onto the more practical stuff I have been doing.

I tidied the car - but I have already told you that. Proud of THAT achievement.

I hated doing this one but I returned a bunch of books to the library so I don't end up freaking out about getting them finished and returned for the right date.

Bunged a load of books, a few DVDs and CDs onto Ebay in hopes of
a. making some room on my shelves and
b. getting some extra pennies so that I can get 2 books I have had my eye on for AGES and that I will be hopefully getting come December 1st as an end of NaNoWriMo celebration.
I love ebay :)

And coffee! I am a bit of a coffee fiend at the best of time but I figured that this called for something special. The mother of all jars of coffee. Look at it. It is the size of my kettle!

Yeah, the bottom of the picture got cut off.
Yum, yum, yum. Normally I get cheaper coffee so I can't wait to dig into this stuff. Mmmmmmm...

Right I shall love you and leave you.

Oh, one more thing. Writing buddies is now up and running on the NaNoWriMo site, so if you are interested in being buddies you can find me here

Talk to you all soon :)

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Friday, 28 October 2011

In My Mailbox (11)

Yip, as you will be able to tell, this isn't a book IMM.

Wanna know what one of my weaknesses is?


Anime is my guilty pleasure.

And look what arrived through the post this morning. *SQUEEEEE*

The Ouran High School Host Club!

I stumbled across this on YouTube ages ago when I was looking for something else - I can't remember what I was trying to might have been a song and a fan vid had been made to it (knowing me that is probably what it was).

*Happy dance*

The first series of 'The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya' and (possibly) 'Noein' too are the next on my list.

Anyone else seen these? Like them? Hate them? Or have any recommendations for me?

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Sad it is Only a CD Cover...(12)

I'm back to regular Sad it is Only a CD Cover posts. Woohoo. Sorry about the week before last.

So here we have this weeks pick.

I am thinking fairies, possibly apocalypse, alternative realities...

What do you think?

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

NaNo for the New and Insane by Lazette Gifford

Yes, I admit that I am a nerd in every sense of the word. When I buy something I read the instructions – only member of my family that doesn’t just leap in head first and see what happens I will add. When I have to put together a bit of furniture I count the screws, nuts and bolts. And, when I decide that I want to do NaNoWriMo I nosey around various blog posts on preparing and jumped at the chance to read this when I saw it mentioned in in a blog post.

Nano for the New and Insane.

This was a free, quick and informative read that filled in some gaps and also spoke about the time before and after November and also listed some useful links to various sites that may come in handy (name sites etc).

Great insight into what to expect during the month of November.

Quick read and once again FREE.

I also found it that I can get books straight from the swashwords site to my kindle via the kindle browser – I had no idea that I could do that.

Link is here for the book if you would like to check it out for yourself. 

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Jane Eyre 2011

I have finally seen Jane Eyre (well months ago actually but lets forget that for the time being ;)) – Well in all honesty I saw it at the beginning of last month but who’s being picky ;).
Anyway, moving on…
It was ok…I suppose. Ok, FINE, it was a bit of a let down. Which was a major bummer as I have been looking forward to it for nearly a year. My main gripes are with the story – well the way that the story was chopped up.


#1 – we are not told who Adele is. Yes we find out that she is Mr Rochester’s ward and that Mr R knew her mother nut that is it! Mr R at no point has the ‘mistress’ talk with Jane.
#2 – The Rivers aren’t Jane’s cousins! I know right! What’s with that?
 #3 – Richard Maison (Bertha’s Brother) looked WAY too young. He looked around Jane’s age when he is supposed to be nearer Mr R’s  age.
#4 – the editing struck me as being really choppy and disjointed at points.
#5 – Mr Rochester was sarcastic to the point of being rude! I didn’t like that.
#6 – The relationship between Jane and Rochester just happened. There was no building - but then I can semi-sorta forgive them that as this was only 2 hours. 

Right, I think that is all of my complaints. Sorry.

But now onto the good stuff.

#1 – it was very gothicy and I loved that feeling.
#2 – Judy Dench as Mrs Fairfax, need I say more.
#3 – I loved the relationship between Jane and Adele. It is something that has never sat right with me in the other version floating around but I think that it was nailed here. They had Jane telling Adele stories on the floor with Adele on her lap and Adele cuddling up to Jane… I just loved it.
#4 – that bit in the library. This is a bit that seems to come and go in Jane Eyre adaptations. After the wedding explosion and Jane comes out of her room to find Rochester waiting for her and he takes her to the (I think it is) the library and gets her a drink, yada, yada, yada. Yeah remember?
Well in this we have THAT happening. We don’t have Mr R telling Jane all about his younger years, brother, father etc but we do have his emotional meltdown. BINGO!
I loved it!
Yeah I know I’m weird, but there was so much emotion and pain as he was holding onto her and crying and burying his head in her stomach as she stands up to leave … this just hit it on the head for how I have always imagined this scene to be.  LOVED IT!

#5 – When Jane comes back to Thornfield she meets Mrs Fairfax and Mrs Fairfax asks her why she ran away, telling Jane that she had some money saves and Jane should have come to her. So TOTALLY fictional – in that it wasn’t in the book – but I loved it. It was a lovely moment.

And last but not least

#6 – Jane has a dream when she in in her own cottage and it is snowing – yeah you guys remember that bit form the trailer don’t you. That was gut wrenching to watch and see how she still loved him.

So all in all. OK. I still though it was disappointing but alright. It annoys me that they had so much to work with and they still come out with what they did, but never mind that is just my personal opinion.

If you have seen it what did you think?


Oh and one last thing. The CUTE moments between Jane and Rochester in this version were at an all time high - just thought i'd add that.

Toodles :)

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Giggle Time - Kinda :)

Missed 'Giggle Time' again. Sheesh my brain is having a melt down I think.

I have something for you all now but first, want to know what I did today?

Not Really. 

To bad. Mwahahaha

So world, today I tried to scratch of some of those chores of the to-do list so they wouldn't be hanging over my head come November. I tidied out my car - I think I may have scared myself for life doing that one by the way. My car used to be spotless (well...nearly spotless) until I started babysitting 2 kids and now my car is a regularly in a mess - I mean MESS - and one of the little monsters has broken my car radio. Grrr. From now on there will be no consuming of flaky, crumbly food in my vehicle. It is tidy and it is staying that way *nods head*

And I dragged one of our folding chairs from the garden - yeah, want to know why it was in the garden? The monsters doing. So I dragged it in, got the marigolds on, got the sponge, near to boiling water and disinfectant and started scrubbing. Thankfully the chair is plastic..well plastic and metal so it didn't require much elbow grease - until the spiders started dropping from the edges and hollows of the plastic like freakin' ninjas.


I think they were after me because I had squished one in my room the other day. Well it would seem that I will be having more eight legged ghosties haunting me...

So, moving on.

This weeks funny. Is *scurries off to find it*

Yeah I am running on empty for the funnies right now. I haven't really seen anything and said WOE gotta share gotta share! But this is...amusing. Actually I found it Laugh-Out-Loud hilarious the first time I saw it but then again I am easily amused.


I hope you enjoyed that :)

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow if I can get my act together on the blog front.

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250 Things You Should Know About Writing by Chuck Wendig

Finally a book review for you all guys. Well...kinda. Yeah, I've been very very lazy with the review lately. My BAD. :)

250 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING is a booze-soaked, profanity-brined, Zen-lacquered look at the craft and art of writing, one list of “25 Things” at a time.

Featured within this book are the essays “25 Things You Should Know About…”

…Being A Writer, Writing A Novel, Writing A Screenplay, Writing A F**king Sentence, Storytelling, Character, Plot, Dialogue, Description, Editing/Revising, and finally, Getting Published.

(And yes, that’s actually 11 lists, which means the book actually has *275* things you should know about writing, but let’s be honest, 250 sounds much cooler. Let’s just go ahead and call that, “25 bonus tips,” shall we? Boom. Value added.)

The book features sections such as:

“The Transubstantiation of Trope,” “Why Bad Decisions Are A Good Decision,” “Nobody Sees Themselves As A Supporting Character,” "I Want To Buy The Semi-Colon A Private Sex Island," and “Plot Is Promise.”

Contained within are things you should know about plot holes, self-publishing versus legacy publishing, "on-the-nose" dialogue, story versus plot, metaphors, copy-editing, killing darlings with a claw hammer, cursing like an undead pirate, and generally being a cranky and irreverent creative type.

This is another fun read. This was kinda linked to my NaNoWriMo reading. I read a ‘25 things’ list on the authors website and thought I would check out the cheapest of his books at the same time.

And I will say that this was an enjoyable and often giggle worthy little book. It is a collection of 10, ’25 things lists’ that the author has (I assume) posted on his blog.

One thing that I did find a little disappointing is the language throughout the book and also the authors mind seems to be focused on sex a heck of a lot *shrug*. Despite this though the pages are full of useful writing advice but be warned the language is a bit…salty.

The author’s site is here if you want to check out the posts and his writing.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

In My Mailbox - IT LIVES!!

I have an In My Mailbox. Like an actual In My Mailbox, these came by postman to my house. Been a while since I have posted one of these huh.

Moving on. Picture time!

 I won 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know through twitter :-)

And I received Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke for review this morning.

*Skips away followed by the birds and squirrels of the forest*

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Post 4 - Talking to My Inner Self (Also Known as Going Mad)

Hit a block in my planning, started typing to myself. Here are the crazy wacky results. 

Yesterdays Ramblings

So how are you today?

Oh I am fine, how are you?

I’m  good, been a bit stressed though, you know how it is? This and that and the next thing, they all add up don’t they, makes you glad to get home and climb into bed with a Horlicks and a good book.

So how is your planning for nanowrimo going?

Och ok. It could be better I suppose, but that is just being picky isn’t it. I wish I could think of a better idea though it is getting a bit depressing hitting all of these dead ends constantly.

How come?

Well I can’t think of a way to get the 'hero' of the story actually into the story you know. He is there I know he is there but i don’t know why he would need to be there to begin with you know. It is driving me mental!

Well, why do you need him to begin with?

Because this is my story and I want an older dude love interest involved.

Why does he have to be older though?

Because young guys bug me stupid that is why!

Why do they bug you?

What are you? A shrink? 

No I am not a shrink. I am asking you these questions for your own good. So why do young guys bug you?

Because of the way that they are portrayed in fiction! Well, the fiction I have been reading lately anyway. It is like they are being constantly ruled by their emotions. I mean, don’t get me wrong I am sure that some of them are able to control themselves but is it just a guy thing that all they can think about is sex? I am hoping that by having an older male in the lead male role I will be able to paint the relationship on more of an emotional level.

Why emotional?

Because not everything is physical! Everything is shown to be too physical. I want the little things to be why my characters care about each other. I want them to love each other because of that funny snort one of them does when laughing. Or that way that they try to stay in the background all the time, or bark louder than they normally do when they are worried. I don’t want it all to be hormones and biology.

I can see where you are coming from…

Thank you

But you are going to have to put some kind of physical stuff into this story you do realise that don’t you.

Well, yeah, I’ll have them kissing.


Don’t look at me like that.

Is that all?


And you expect to be able to sell this book do you.

This book is for me thank you.

Who are you kidding? Everyone who writes a book has the hope that one day they will be discovered even if they don’t admit it to themselves.

You are a shrink aren’t you?

This is about you not me.

Yeah whatever, avoiding the subject much?

So you expect to be able to sell this with ONLY kissing.

Ummm why not? Jane Eyre is considered a classic and you don’t get the bedroom/couch or whatever scenes in THAT do you? It is all emotional.

Sorry honey but you ain’t no Charlotte Bronte. And you’ve read all the study guides to that book. You know that there was sexual tension bubbling hotter than Vesuvius under the surface.

Today's Ramblings

So, how is it going?

YOU again! What do you want?

I'm just here to see how the planning is coming along? You know keep up the prep and all that.

I am sticking my tongue out at you right now – just so you know.

Hey that isn’t very nice I am only here to help.

Well maybe you can go somewhere else to help, have you ever thought of that?

Nope can’t say I have. I am your little annoying voice. Not anyone else’s.

Give me strength.

Oh man up already!  Tell me how you are doing and let’s get this over with.

Wow you seriously need to take some customer care courses.

I am ignoring you right now just so you know –

Are you trying to be funny?

- now where did we leave of yesterday? Ah yes, the hero of the peace.

Hero! I think I am going to chuck him out of the story and have her hook up with the freakin’ squid if he doesn’t start cooperating. Why can't more YA books have older dude to younger chick ratios and then I would have some kind of idea how to do this.

Want to know what your problem is?

Not really but you are going to tell me anyway aren’t you?

Now you really need to work on your attitude, it’s not my fault your make believe characters aren’t playing nice with you.

Fine, I’m sorry. Now what’s my problem oh mighty one?

You are too concerned about what other people are going to be thinking of this story.

What! Only yesterday you were getting at me because I wasn’t going to put any sex in the story and now you are telling me that-

Yeah well that was yesterday. Today I am telling you that you are worrying too much about what other people will think. About what their views would be. You need to write this how you would want it to go and not like you mother is hanging over your shoulder while you are writing.

I am still not putting any sex in the book. Kissing yes, sex NO!

Fine, whatever. But you really do need to start having this the way you want it to go. Make is Mary-Sue-ey if you want, have bits that have fan-fiction-yeah-right-like-that-would-ever-happen written all over it, if you want you can go back and fix it all afterwards. Have the dude proclaim his undying love to MC - have you named her yet by the way?


Ok. Well have dude – have you named him yet?

Um, if I say no will you hurt me?

Have you named any of them?

Well I’m thinking of naming someone who dies –

Someone dies in this story?

No but if I name one of them Neville he will!

Do I want to know why?

I was bullied at school by a kid called that. I think it is time for some pay back don’t you?

Swiftly moving on. Have XY proclaim undying love to XX on the first page if you want.

I am not doing that.

I am trying to make a point here. No one is going to be judging you while you write this.

You are a shrink aren’t you?

Let it go already and listen will ya!

Fine. Write like my mother isn’t hanging over my shoulder. Got it.

You’re hopeless...

So the idea was to give myself 10 minutes to try and talk it out with myself - I do this all the time. I usually write this out long hand but as the typing is going to need to be up to scratch I decided to WP it instead. 

My head is a scary place isn't it. Mwaahaahaaahaaaaa! *choke, splutter,cough*

Yeah probably plenty more to come in the next few days.  :-)

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Friday, 21 October 2011

Sad it is Only a CD Cover...(11)

I can't believe I missed showing some CD Cover love last week. *bad Alex*

I think that the slip up last week may just deserve 2 this week you know.

Hmm so what do you guys think of this one?
I'm thinking...aliens, end of the world, alien take-over (maybe)...

And next

I am not entirely sure about this one but it definitely has a cool, freaky fae vibe to it don't ya think :)

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Author Interview - Robert Marston Fanney

I am doing the dance. Yip you know the one. It’s the author interview happy dance! Yay.

Everyone say hello to Robert Marston Fanney!

*Clap clap clap*

Did you find the jump from being a writer to being a published author a difficult one to make? 
I started writing Luthiel's Song while in college and continued to work on it over the next ten years. During this time, I held various full-time jobs that added a lot of stress to my life. I think the least stressful of these was my work as a police officer! 

By the end of this time, I'd written a book that my reading group assured me was finally good enough to be published. I submitted it to about one hundred publishers in all. And, in all, I received about one hundred rejection letters! Many of these were kind and encouraging. A few were not. One rejection slip bore the name Robert Finney. I wondered if this was a suggestion for a pseudonym. Finally, after more than a year of rejections and no sign of hope, I decided to start an indie publishing venture. 

Dark Forest Press was born. Over the next six months, we hired editors, artists and designers. Then, we published the first book on our own. That year was tough. But we found a thousand little ways to reach readers and, over time, have done far better than I ever expected.

Has the fantasy genre always been something you have been interested in? 
Absolutely! The first novel I read was 'The Hobbit.' At age 9 I loved it! Bilbo was certainly a character a nine-year-old boy could relate to. After that, I picked up Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain and many, many more. 

What were your emotions when you first held the completed, printed and bound book in your hand? 
It's like holding a magical sword you've forged over years and years of labor and hard work. 

I love that Luthiel is such an independent young woman! What influenced you to write her the way that you did? 
I've been blessed by having strong, positive women in my life. My mother was born in 1947 with Spine Bifida. Her doctors told my grandmother that my mother was ugly and would die. There wasn't much help for Spine Bifida babies back then. But my grandmother didn't give up. She searched and searched and finally found someone to help my mother. A doctor who was working on a new spinal shunt to help Spine Bifida babies performed an experimental surgery on my mother. She recovered from the surgery and is alive and thriving to this day. 

This extraordinary event was just the beginning of an amazing and a heroic life. So I was inspired, in many ways, to write novels that expanded on the heroic qualities I saw in her and in many, many other women. As for my mom, to me, she was the girl who lived.

Do you have a fear of spiders? 
Yes. Ever since I was a small child they've been an object of horror to me. Too many long legs. Too fast. Too predatory and alien. They represent both dominance and a malign intelligence to me. I suppose these notions aren't entirely grounded in facts but I find the idea of spiders and of what they do very unsettling. 

Did you intend Luthiel’s story to span more than one book or did it just grow? 
At first, I wrote it as a short story. Then I wrote a book that was entirely inadequate. Then I settled on the notion of a trilogy. But that didn't seem to be enough either. In the end there will probably be seven or eight books, but with a number of back-stories and tales about characters mentioned in the series. 

I think the story keeps growing because I enjoy the characters so much and because I believe in what they represent, in their struggles. I think it is a reflection of what's going on in this world, and, in part, a reflection of my own hopes and fears, if only fantastically portrayed. 

Hopefully I can finish all that I plan to write! 

If you could walk in one of your characters shoes for a day who would it be? 
Probably Luthiel. She's the one to which I have the least psychic distance (without the obvious exception that she's a woman, which, I'm sure, would take some getting used to). I'd also like to live as Othalas for a day. 100% primal badass. 

Did you have a message that you wished your readers to have got once they had finished your books? 
Follow the good in your heart and believe in the good in others. Love nature, avoid harm, and find balance with your world. If you love someone, don't hold back, give them your all. Don't be afraid to make the right choices or to help those less fortunate, even though everyone around you may be against it. And last of all, don't let the powerful determine your life's path. 

Do you have any further ideas for books once Luthiel’s journey is complete? 
Absolutely. I'm working on a few right now. One series is about Luthiel's father. Another is an urban fantasy. More on that soon! 

Which of the Luthiel books has been your favourite to write?(maybe that’s a little unfair to ask ;)) 
I love them all for different reasons. But the current book -- The Nightmares of Winter -- has been the most difficult due to the situations Luthiel finds herself in. It's a tough story to write because Luthiel's in a lot of tough spots! 

Anything else you would like to add at all? 
May the moonshadow never fall on you... 

Check out for more information on the series. 

My reviews can be found here - 

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Theatre Illuminata Giveaway Winner.

Hello everyone,

So, it took me long enough to finally get round to it - my own laziness I'm afraid but the winner has been selected and contacted and the books are in the post and on their way.

So who was the lucky winner.

Drum roooolllllllll.

Silver Thistle over at The Bookshelf Chronicles

*clap clap clap clap clap*

I hope you enjoy two of my most favorite books.

Thank you everyone for entering. And don't despair if you didn't win this time around. Hopefully I will be having another giveaway in the near future.

Tata for now!

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Post 3 - I Made a Cover!!

I know, I know. By the time December 1st comes around you are going to be ready to kill me - probably rightly so too, but I am on a complete NaNoWriMo high right now. I can't help it!

I finally have my story planned out in my head to  make some sort of sense - oh to be in my brain (scary stuff believe me). I have a title - step in the right direction I would say. And a cover!!!!

Waahhhhh SO proud!

I was bemoaning the fact that I have like 0 digital ability and thought SCREW IT I'm going to give it a try and make my own book cover. So that is exactly what I did!

Here is attempt number 1

Sink or Swim - Book cover by ~EriksLadyOperaGhost on deviantART

Not too bad for a first try at photo manipulation huh? Note to self - do not start messing around with new stuff at 11pm, leads to lots of mistakes and very little sleep.

(e.g. me: *click click click* Why *stab mouse* Isn't *stab mouse* This *shake mouse to make sure it is working* DELETING
inner me: You didn't select what you wanted to delete GENIUS!
me: *CTRL + A ... DELETE*
inner me: told ya so
me: Shut Up! *sulk*)

 It is meant to be an eye (hopefully you can tell that) and then inside on the right is a coral reef, and then bubbly water. This was okay but seems a little too vague too me, the picture could apply to anything really couldn't it.

I put my brain into cardiac arrest (is that possible...? is now) through the strain and finally had a light bulb moment that blew the circuits on the rest of the cells in my head (expect NO sense for the rest of the year guys).

And here is my baby!

Attempt numero 2!

Sink or Swim - Book cover - 2 by ~EriksLadyOperaGhost on deviantART

Isn't it beautiful? (Nod your head everyone. That's it)

Nah, only kidding. I know it isn't as snazzy and amazing as some covers out there with all the bells and whistles but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz.

This represents my main character! So proud *beam*. I was going to go with a mermaid but had second thoughts. Think of this as a tribute to Ursula :) - my character isn't a power-mad villain thought.

Ok I am off before you start threatening bodily harm.

This is so exciting! Roll on November.

Nighty Night guys.

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Reasons Why Emoticon... The Twilight Formula

This post isn’t meant to have a go at Twilight. Just to say how stories seems eerily familiar.

So guys, have you noticed this? Just how many books seem to hit the plot points of Twilight. Sure the fleshing out is different but the skeleton is the same.

Girl has to leave home
Girl has to start all over again
Girl starts at a new school – more often than not in the middle of the school year
Girl ends up in love triangle (yeah, remember them!)
The two guys are actually really nice, but thanks to deep seated prejudices they view each other as the devil incarnate.
‘Bad guy’ is actually lovely and supportive.
‘Good guy’ is a bit of a pain and I want to hit him most of the book.

And the list goes on and on, but it is late and my brain is going at the pace of a snail with a broken leg.

Book I was thinking about while writing this –
Need (Book 1 of the Need Pixie books) – I really liked this book actually but it is similar. Only we have blood drinking pixies instead. COOL right…
(My review is here)

There are others but this as the main one that was jumping about in my head while writing.

So this is another reason why a book may get a Emoticon

That is not to say that all novels that have a similar layout to Twilight get an instant yuck from me…just some.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Post 2 - Freakin' Out!

Right now in the world there are countless people freaking out about their story lines, characters and how the fiddle sticks they are going to achieve the word count for NaNoWriMo.
Despite the fact that there is still over 20 days to go.
Yip, and I admit that I am now turning into one of those people.
Why though? Like I said there is still all of that time to go. Nearly 3 weeks!
Well speaking personally it is because I can't seem to settle on one particular idea. That has always been an issue with me though so there is nothing surprising about that to be honest.

And then there are all of the different factors.

1st person?
3rd person?
How many characters?
Original piece?

You guys get the gist. This is enough to make your head explode – very messy, and gooey.

My main problem seems to be centred round my writing experience to date. Namely – fan-fiction. I like messing around with other peoples characters. That is basically it. I like working situations so that Wolverine and Rogue get together (believe me you do not want to get me started on the X-MEN films. *grumble, grumble*). I enjoy juggling situations so that Erik and Christine get their happily ever after despite his deformity and inclination to throttle people and chuck them into his torture chamber.  It is fun.

And because of this is has been a while – well, more than a while – since I have actually had to write anything that has come from my own brain and didn’t involve a pre-made story *gulp* that is kinda, sorta SCARY.

Cue tweet!

Anyway, because of that reason I’ll be halfway through planning a story in my head and it’ll be all nice and shiny and pretty looking and then I’ll be hit by ‘NO! Can’t do that, if you squint at it that would pass as a Star Trek fan-fiction! Damn it!’ (Not that fan-fiction is bad it is just I am wanting something that is all ME for this story. If I can) And so the mental slate gets wiped clean I binge on a cup of coffee and fall deeper into the ink well of despair *splash-gurgle-gurgle*

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Tune In Tuesday (8)

Head on over to Tune in Tuesday at GReads! to join in :)

This has got to be one of the BEST TV series' ever. Well apart from the last few seasons but I live happier pretending they didn't happen.

And here is the theme song to Beauty and the Beast the love story of Catherine and Vincent.

The first time I loved forever...
Was when you whispered my name...

**Waltzes dreamily away with my very own Vincent**
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Monday, 10 October 2011

Giggle Time

Sunday again :( Which means it is Monday tomorrow.

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend and are all ready to face the week ahead. And now it is giggle time.
I know this is a pretty long film but for a funny (in a dry way) review of Twilight watch this video. If you are a die hard Twilight fan your blood pressure may go through the roof but it had me laughing.

Some of the observations are absolutely giggle worthy.

Just don’t take it too seriously guys. 

Enjoy! :)

**yeah I know it is actually Monday today. Happy Monday everybody! Interview out trumped the giggles**

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Author Interview - Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout

Yip I am doing that dance again.

Author interview time.

Say hello to Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters?

Yvonne: When I was a teenager, I was a lot like Kali in terms of relationships with guys, because I preferred the thrill of the chase to the routine of the catch! I was great with start-up, but whenever a relationship looked like it was going to take off, it wasn't long before I took off too. Luckily, I always managed to turn these guys into good friends.
I also identify with Syd's love of dogs and art, and much like Zahra, I can’t stand conflict in any relationships, romantic, or otherwise.

Sandy: I’m definitely most like Zahra, but I’d love to have Kali’s carefree confidence and Syd’s fierce independence.

Have you always wanted to be an author?

Yvonne: No, although I’ve always loved being creative. I began writing when I was looking for a non-fiction book for my nieces to answer their questions about relationships with boys, friends and family. When I couldn’t find a book with the right, light-hearted tone, I called Sandy and suggested we write one. That led to Totally Me: The Teenage Girl’s Survival Guide. It was a natural fit, since Sandy and I have spent our entire (very long) friendship talking about relationships with boys, friends and family.

Sandy: Yes, I’ve always wanted to be an author, but didn’t put enough work into writing until Yvonne suggested writing Totally Me. After that, I couldn’t wait to try fiction.

In one word, how would you describe your book? And why?

We’d sum up Love, Inc. with the word “Framily”: The book is about friendships that are as strong as family.
Zahra, Syd and Kali experience the breakdown of their own families, followed by deception and heartbreak in their romantic lives. This helps them appreciate how friends can support you through the tough times. They learn to celebrate their differences and leverage them to create a successful business. Together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts.

Would you ever consider using the services of Love, Inc?

Hell, yeah! We’d love to be able to call on Love, Inc. to tidy up a few relationship problems even today. But as teens, it would have been so great to have Syd teach some scoundrels a lesson. And it would have prevented a whole lot of heartache to have Kali set us up with the right kind of guy the next time around.

If you could be one of your characters for a day who would you like to be?

Yvonne: Syd, definitely. I’ve always played too much by the rules. It would be fun to let loose with some spray paint and leave behind some clever graffiti, a la Banksy. And if anyone gave me a hard time about it, I’d channel Syd’s ability to tell them exactly what I think of them!

Sandy: I’m a Syd wannabe, too. I grew up hearing, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Syd isn’t constrained by nice-girl rules and she doesn’t let fear hold her back. I admire that in a character!

Did you find writing as a team difficult?

After 10 books, we’ve worked out the kinks in our writing method. The hardest part has always been shooting down ideas in a way that isn't hurtful. If you eavesdropped on us brainstorming at Starbucks, you’d hear the word “or” a lot. As in, “That could work. OR... we could try this.” The “or” is code for “your idea sucks,” but it’s a mutually understood technique for keeping things flowing. You can’t get too stuck on one idea when you’re working as a team.

What is the first novel that you can remember making an impact on you?

Yvonne: The entire Little House on the Prairie series. Laura Ingalls Wilder brought her experience to life so vividly. I still shudder thinking about the dark clouds of locusts that destroyed their crops one year.
Sandy: I read each and every book by L.M. Montgomery, and Emily of New Moon is the one that made me want to be a writer.

Check out for more information!

My review for Love Inc can be found here

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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Hi everybody!

It’s October 6th, and you know what that means don't you!

Yes it means that we are approximately 25 days away from November 1st and by extension 25 days away from the beginning of NaNoWriMo.

So this is a reminder for those of you who - like me - have a brain like a sieve and forgot all about it.

But what is NaNoWriMo, says those who haven't heard of it - and in all fairness I didn't even know this existed until 2 years ago.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month which is November. And the aim of the game is to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! Impossible you say! Nah, it's not really. Just set yourself a daily goal, stuck to it. And before you can say National Novel Writing Month you'll have the beginnings of a novel.

Ok, I know that's a lie. It is hard and you have to fight a whole bunch of stuff from writers block to running out of coffee. But it is a very cool idea though huh.

Now, this is the first year that I will actually be participating. I wanted to join in last year but my Grandmother took a heart attack and wasn't expected to recover so last year ended up being uber stressful - FYI she recovered and although she isn't as spry and energetic as she was before the attack at least she isn't hallucinating and a gazillion other things anymore.

But moving on. I will be joining in the NaNoWriMo stress party this year. Yay, can't wait.

And if any of you guys are participating you should be able to find me here!

Come on guys be BRAVE! :)

*skips away*


**My scheduling is WAY out it isn’t even funny. So no it isn’t the 6th. Sorry :)**

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Friday, 7 October 2011

You can Find Me Over HERE...

Hi Guys…

Sorry book reviews have been a bit slow in coming, the truth is I just haven’t been reading an awful lot lately. I have hit a totally sickening, depressing reading slump that makes all of my other slumps fade to nothing in comparison. Pretty epic huh!

But there will be posts on personal opinions - *shiver* yeah I know, you don’t really care but it’ll make me feel better because at least something will be going up – some more ‘Reasons Why?’ (remember them?), and a few author interviews – *reaches for the dancing shoes*

But this is to say that I also have another blog.

I am a bit of a Phantom of the Opera nerd and so before I started this blog I started a blog called Phantom Novel Review – yeah, not very imaginative but it was the best I could do.

The idea was for me to review Phantom Novels (duh) and post my thoughts (double duh), but instead of just posting on Phantom Novels that could fall under the Phan Fiction bracket I also add reviews for novels that have phantom-y themes – so some of the books reviewed here can also be found on Phantom  Novel Reviews. Sheesh this is getting complicated isn’t it.

But I also post on Phantom-y thoughts and stuff. Most of the posts are pretty random actually and I try to make them as funny as I can…

So head on over to Phantom Novel Reviews if you so fancy as in the next few weeks the reviews here will be a bit…non-existent (I am saying that now but they will hopefully pick up) but the posts over at dah other blog will be picking up.

And also…a few more followers over there couldn’t go amiss *scuffs floor* just a few *anime eyes* pleaaaaase.

See it has a little button and everything :)

Anyway guys I shall love you and leave you.

Have a brilliant weekend!

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