Monday, 28 March 2011

Outlander Book 1 - Part 3


NO FREAKIN' WAY is that little tramp throwing herself at Jamie? She is!! Girl two words. TIME and PLACE. And after the man has just taken a beating for you absolutely ain't either of those. And she was going to get flogged for the very reason that she is draped over Jamie. HELLOOOOOO!!!!! Do you have a brain lassie? Use it!! That makes me so angry. TRAMP! (Whoops talking about Laoghaire)

I do think that it is very noble (if laughable) of Claire to try and get Jamie and Laoghaire together. Very funny! Especially knowing that Claire and Jamie are going to get together. You can't help but laugh at her matchmaking attempts. Makes me wonder if this is her trying an extreme way of denial. Make the guy unavailable even to her hehe.

Colum's aviary was pretty funky. Can't say I have ever thought of something like that being in a draughty Scottish castle. I liked that little detail.

Geilie was GREAT! I loved her. She was just so funny especially when she was telling Claire about the act that she put on for her husband. I am slightly suspicious of her actions though. Her being 'flushed' from climbing the stairs after leaving Dougal for a start. Uh huh. *wink-wink, nudge-nudge* And then there is the case of the 'bill' that Dougal just happens to be the one to deal with. Yeah whatever.

Ok, I tip my hat to Claire for keeping any kind of higher brain function. If Jamie had followed me into my room and started taking of his shirt I don't think I would be thinking about his injured shoulder. Well...for a second or two anyway *cough* who am I kidding.

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