Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Started Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Oh my goodness!

How could I have forgotten how addictive this book is. I first read this about 5 years ago but didn't really bother with the rest of the series after getting (I think) about half way through the second.

But now, I am looking for a good series to get into (*cough*escapism*cough*) and this was really the first one that came to mind. And since I can't really remember the ins and out (in other words ANY) of the story I figured it would be a great opportunity to re-read.

Audio Book - I am not a great fan of listening to audio books, especially when you get a reader who just out you to sleep after the first three words. Not a good idea if you are driving and staying awake is a must. Hmm... I also can't help but feel that it is cheating a little bit - but I have quickly got over that as sometimes it is just more practical to plug myself into my earphones (saves me burning myself on the iron too)But the audio for this is great. I am switching in between reading and listening and have only really listened to about 20 minutes of it on my i-pod. But guys, the reader is great. And the Scottish accents are AMAZING! I would absolutely recommend this audio to anyone!

Anyway, back to the addiction. As soon as I started listening/reading I just couldn't stop. Oh, another thing I should point out is that I HATE first person narrative. Which is kind of sucky for the books that are out now since they all seem to be written like that. But I really don't mind it for this book. The narrative just sort of sucked me in from the beginning. So that is another thing it has in it's favour. Eeek, so anyway, back to the reading. I think I will be posting as I go along for this one. Save on a crazy long post at the end. Onwards we go...

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