Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bewitched and Betrayed by Lisa Shearin

Raine Benares is a seeker. She finds lost things and missing people- usually alive. But now she's been bonde with the Saghred, a soul- stealing stone of unlimited power, and must hunt down its escapees. Especially since one of them is also hunting her...

And so just like book three, in book four so much goes on I don’t know where to start…

We kick of the story and are thrown straight into the action as Raine is hunting down one of the souls that escaped from the Saghred at the end of book three.

(Taps keyboard – I don’t know what to say without totally blowing everything)

The love triangle is sorted – but I won’t say how or who – I read that in a review before I started reading this and I have never wanted to throw something at my computer so much in my life.

Sorry guys I will leave it here before I talk myself into a hole.

Oh, and remember how I was saying the maturity thing goes up with each book…well the DEED IS DONE in this book.

Leaving it here before I blow something. 

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