Friday, 23 September 2011

Snow White 2012 - there is hope!

I am still pretty hyper about the new Snow White that will be coming out next year! I mean, who isn’t, right? Snow White is wearing armour, that is COOL! Moving on…

I am still hoping against hope that the Snow White in question will be falling in love with the huntsman of the title and not the prince. Fingers crossed everyone.

But! I have a reason to hope even harder. Why? Because there is a Snow White out there where she doesn’t hook up with the ‘prince’ of the story but with a dud who is technically one of the seven dwarves – but only they aren’t dwarves in this version they are just a bunch of random guys mining in the middle of the forest. And the prince isn’t a prince, he is a doctor. And Snow White isn’t Snow White she is Lillie. And she isn’t a princess she is more along the lines of the daughter of the manor.
But there is hope!

This version,  Snow White  - a Tale of Terror, is pretty good. VERY dark though.

Lillie’s father actually has to cut her out of her mother at the beginning when their carriage crashes – YUCK. There isn’t anything shown on the screen but you see blood trickling on the snow and hear a baby cry and you KNOW what he has done. So that is pretty much the tone of the whole film. With some pretty sinister stuff happening.

But, when Lillie runs away when her step-mothers brother (step-uncle??) tries to kill her (long story short – the step-mother blames Lillie for the death of her child and so wants Lillie dead) instead of say running towards her HOME she runs towards the FOREST – as you do – and then hides in an abandon church where there is a mix matched bunch of miners. One tries to rape her, one rescues her, the rest kind of put up with her.

wow girl! Disney's wicked step-mother ain't got nothing on you!

Needless to say the guy that rescued her is the dude she ends up with at the end after loads of weirdness. And I mean LOADS!

So there is hope!!!!

(I tried to find a smaller clip but other than music videos that have been made to the couple this is the only clip I could find)

And ignoring the fact that they just happened to have a glass coffin laying around in the clip, I think it is pretty dang dramatic :) And sad. I mean, him begging her to breath like that is pretty heart-wrenching stuff - Or maybe I am just feeling overly emotional right now... Hmmm.... 

And here I give you one of the many music videos made to this couple.


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