Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2015 Reading Challenges #2

*Looks innocent*

Ok, in my defense I did say I would probably find another challenge to sign up for and I have.

Whoop whoop!

Victorian Reading Challenge

I am going through a bit of a Charles Dickens phase at the moment so I was super happy to find this challenge. And look! Another bingo card. *happy dance*

This is going to vary my reading a bit and get me away from Charles Dickens. Which is great as it will stop me from getting bored :).

You can find out all about this challenge and a version for the UBER Victorian Lit reader at Becky's Book Reviews

PS - If you are wondering what would count as Victorian Literature according to the wonder than is Wikipedia the Victorian Era was 1837-1901 :)


Right I am going to allow myself 2 3. Ok, 3! more challenges for the year and  am NOT going to sign up for any after the New Year has arrived. (Maybe I will let myself if I finish one...). 

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