Friday, 4 February 2011

Captivate by Carrie Jones (Book 2 of the Need Pixies)

People who name their cars RULE!

So, in this book we are lead to question everything that we have been told about Pixies in the first book.

My one peeve (well, one of a few) what is with killing of the characters? Why do authors have to do that?Why? But then I suppose it does add a bit more drama for future books since they then have to work out how to get the person back (*cough*Nick*cough*).

Now you now how I said that I would settle for Nick if I had to. Well, it looks like I might not have to after all. That is right guys a Pixie King has entered the scene. And now I am stuck between the two since we have got to know Nick a wee bit better in this book. But I think I still prefer Mr Pixie King. Nick is way to volatile, moody, he-man and teenager for me.

Issie (Zara's best-friend) continues to be just as adorable and cute as she was in the first and comes out with most of the spunky, laugh-out-loud lines that had me giggling. And even though she is the only human in their little group she doesn't let that get to her and I think se is quickly becoming my favourite character for that reason.

Oh and now elves are in the mix to and wait for it...Odin. Yes as in Norse Mythology. Hah! I love this book.

As you can probably tell from my comments from the first book I was dreading the V character but so far the only kind of character beginning with THAT letter is a Valkyrie. My sigh of relief nearly blew the house down - like the Three Little Pigs but only inside.

We get to see more of Zara's biological Pixie dad in this. And I can't help but think there must be something special about him. Just with the way that everyone refers to her as princess all the time. I mean sure he is a king but there are loads of other kings too. Who knows, maybe I am just reading way too much into this. I suppose I will soon see anyway.

Okay, another peeve of this book. What is with everyone leaving Zara out of the loop all of the time? That is getting way irritating I could feel my blood pressure getting higher as I read it. And while we are in the subject of Zara she finally has a semi-decent melt down. she doesn't exactly have a meg blow up that way I wanted her to but it was better than nothing.

Alright this is my last annoyance that I will mention. They have to rescue Nick, stop the Pixies from eating everyone and try and prevent the end of the world! But hey, we still have time to go to the school dance. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE PEOPLE? PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!

Breath in, breath out.

I'm fine, I am fine. But it it just soooooo ANNOYING!!!!!!!

Anyway all those annoying points aside I still enjoyed this book. Umm another 3.5 for me I think, mainly because of the dumb stuff but that is just my personal opinion. I am very glad that I got it and read it straight after the first because I think that if I had waited it would never have got read or I would have lost interest.

Entice is next...

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