Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Kind of Sort of Introduction

So, I am stressed right now. And what do I do when I am stressed? I start projects to take my mind of the more 'serious' rubbish going on. And so TADA.

Anyway, moving on.

So, I love the various book blogs that are out there floating in cyberspace as well as the different podcasts and YouTube channels for books so I thought I would give it a go and contribute a little to what I love.

Now, when I was writing a review recently for a book I suddenly stopped and realised that I tend to feel guilty when it comes to writing bad things about books. Even if I hate the book I will still try my hardest to write good things about it - except for one book last year but that is for a different place and time. But I have noticed one thing. When it comes to writing a note to someone or something like that I can easily point out what annoys and irritates me so hopefully I will be able to do that here.

I was recently moving around my room - a very scary experience believe me on this. And I notice how many fantasy and sci-fi books I have - both in the stand alone category and in series (most of which I haven't read). So for a while there will probably be a few series fantasy and YA reviews up and a couple of the million page long fantasies too - Okay so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but they might as well be. But I will say that I am in to a variety of other books too. I like books based in Camelot and King Arthur as well as Historical Fiction (romance), Classical Lit and books based on The Phantom of the Opera so the choice of books will widen out.

The first bunch will be the Need Pixie books by Carrie Jones. They are Need, Captivate and Entice (so far anyway).

And I have a perfectly good reason for having them on my shelf when I am not normally into that kind of book. THEY WERE ON SALE!!! End of discussion.

Anyway, onto Need.

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