Saturday, 5 February 2011

Entice by Carrie Jones (Book 3 of the Need Pixies)

First things first. Let me change something that I mentioned in the last post. So, I said that I was annoyed by the way that Zara was constantly being left out of the loop but I change my mind. I am changing that to the way that everyone treats Zara bugs me. BIG TIME!!! I mean the girl has just gone and got herself turned into a Pixie and what can people do? Totally over-react, treat her like a monster and keep throwing her side ways glances encase she decides to eat hem or something. Even her mother completely looses it - yes I am justified for not liking her in the first book. VINDICATION! - and I don't care if she comes to terms with it later.

The only other character other than Zara and Issie that I actually liked in this book is Astley *sigh* Zara's Pixie King. Don't get me wrong he is just as guilty as the others for not telling her things but he actually treats her like a person and is willing to support her and the decisions that she makes, and he treats her like she can take care of herself - thought he is still concerned and worried for her.

Once again I ask, what is with killing if the characters? Some of them before we even get to know them well enough to have any kind of feelings about them dying.

One cool thing was the way that each Chapter Heading was an extract from a news article, e-mail, blog, or a conversation so we know what the people (uninvolved with Zara and her gang) were thinking about what was going on in the town.

On a side note - for some reason this book more than Need and Captivate reminds me quite a bit of the Percy Jackson series. I think it could be because of the god/people interactions at the end.

This one gets a 4 out of 5 for me. Why you ask? Because Zara gets to kick bad Pixie King butt.

Now I have to wait for the next one. It's moments like this that remind me why I tend to go towards the series' where all the books are already available :(

I don't really know what I will read next.

I have the Black Magicians Trilogy to work my way through or maybe some of PC Cast's Goddess Summoning books. Who knows....

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