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Review - Holiday Heartbreak (Dork Diaries Book #6) by Rachel Renee Russell

It's the biggest dance of the year and Nikki Maxwell is hoping her crush, Brandon, wants to be her date. But time is running out. What if he doesn't want to go with her? Or worse - what if he ends up going with Mackenzie?!!
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Why is Dork Diaries doing this to me? Why?

Thumbs Up!
The friendship between Zoey, Chloe and Nikki is just as strong as ever and Chloe and Zoey continue to be supportive and loving towards Nikki through all of her drama – on a wee side note I would love to have a book from their side of things (and it could touch on what they really think about Nikki and her pathological lying).
SPOILER – Mackenzie (evil-teen-villainess) ends up rooting through a dumpster.

Thumbs Down!
By the third time (it could have been the last too) she said ‘thingie’ I was ready to scream. By the first time (for this book) she once again fibbed to her ‘BFFs’ I was ready to drag her out of the book and yell at her. Because, yeah, telling porkies has totally worked well for her up to this point. Not. It stresses her out.
The majority of the girl/boy drama between Nikki and Brandon come mainly from a series of misunderstandings and Nikki not letting the poor guy finish a sentence.

All in All
I have loved the Dork Diaries books since I picked up the first one but the past two books have just been lacking that spark I loved so much in the previous books. Still enjoyable but I am becoming very irritated with them very easily and I don’t know if it is a change in me or a change in the books.
I don’t feel like Nikki is moving on at all as a character.

Has anyone else read these books? If you have I would love to know if it is me or the books. How have you found them?

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