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Deception by Shirley Yoshinaka

Following the Paris opera house disaster, Erik, the charismatic and disfigured man known as the Phantom, settled into a secluded home on the outskirts of London. He resigned himself to a life of solitude, but two years later, fate introduced him to a young woman who reawakened his emotions. Although Mellie was a gifted composer, no one took her work seriously. She recognized Erik's brilliance and was desperate for his help. Drawn to both the man and his talent, she made a bold proposition, and he accepted. Together, they forged a unique partnership that became the talk of London society. But when Erik's past returned to haunt him, he could lose everything he'd gained in his new life - including Mellie. Deception is a tale of loss, healing, and ultimately of love.
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This was the first Phantom adaptation that I ever read and I am so glad that it was. Although it was no retelling in the way that it has Christine and Erik admitting their undying love for each other. It is a sequel (more of the musical I would say) that has a wonderful heroine. 

Thumbs Up!
The change of setting. We are no longer in Paris, Erik has escaped to London England. 

It is obvious from the musical that Erik has a temper that rears it's head a few times (you know...killing people...) and this does not vanish in the book. It comes through, as does his violent tendencies. The one thing that stands out though is that he wants to change, he does not want to be the man that Christine called a monster, or the man who killed people without thought.

When Mellie enters his life he strives to be a gentlemen and even though he slips up she accepts that there is that side to him and she does not run.

Mellie and Erik end up sharing Erik's home when he is helping her with her music and writing. Though they are living in a purely business capacity people are under the impression that Mellie is Erik's niece and there are more than a few cute moments between them during this time. 

My favourite bit has to be when Mellie is attacked by a man and when she returns home she doesn't want to sleep alone so she shares a bed with Erik.
"Do you make it a habit of sleeping in your clothes?" she asked, her tone teasing.
"Only when there's a beautiful woman in my bed that I'm intent on not ravishing."
I found that very cute, coming from the dark and charismatic Phantom of the Opera.

The other major factor I enjoyed was that though there is a bad guy within the story Erik continually holds himself back from becoming the person he was in Paris and unleashing his violent side.

Thumbs Down!
I really have nothing I didn't like about this book.

I would have loved for it to have bee longer but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

All in All!
A wonderful first novel to read when it comes to Phantom sequels and non Erik/Christine relationships.

A light and enjoyable read that I zipped through. 

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