Monday, 26 May 2014

Monday Catch-Up #2

I was going to be so good and not buy anything but then I ended up in town...and kind of spiralled from there. But 3 books for £5 how can anyone say no to that?

Anyway, before I go into what I bought, here is what I read (just to make myself feel better :)).
I love the Ouran High School Host Club anime series so I thought I would give the manga a chance. So far the anime is my favourite of the 2. The Crooked House was brilliant! Plain Jane was a nice romantic read and I am so glad to have finally got round to reading the Lord of the Rings. :)
And now onto the new pretties.
In my defence I have had my eye on the Thursday Next books for aaaaages and then when I saw them in the Works I couldn't say no :) Stardust was recommended to me by a friend so I thought I would give it a shot and New Girl and Iron Traitor were 2 'lets-give-them-a-shot' choices.
Happy reading everyone! :)
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