Thursday, 1 May 2014

The 'Let's-Cut-Down-On-The-Books' Plan or How Alex is Going to stop Drowning in Books

I have a ridiculous amount of books. No really, it is getting a little bit beyond the joke…

So, a few weeks ago I had a bit of a clear out – needless to say I didn’t have the heart to throw out any books – and it got me thinking. I am drowning in books. I have nearly five book cases full – true, they aren’t HUGE book cases, but then I also have two boxes in my wardrobe (filled with books) that, although I don’t read them I don’t want to give up and another two (and a half) flat boxes (they are about big enough to fit a book spine-up-ways in) under my bed. That doesn’t count the un-boxed ‘floaters’ and collections I have in the wardrobe running wild.

See what I mean?


So I have come up with a plan.

This is my mission for 2014.

See this shelf –

This is a shelf of all the books (paper books) I have read so far in 2014.

The plan is, every time the shelf gets filled that is the time to go through the books on it and do I little culling.

That will be the time when I decided keep, sell or second hand shop.

I am hoping that by doing it this way the tax won’t seem quit as daunting as it would do if I put the straight back on the shelf with the rest of the books.

In a way this is starting from scrath, so all of my books as coming to this with a clean slate… Yip! It may take a while to get the collection down but I think I am equal to the task.

Wish me luck! :)

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