Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Beauty's Beast by E.D. Walker

Lady Kathryn's father has sent her to court to find a husband, but being penniless and disinterested doesn't bode well for her success. Bored by the petty intrigues of court, she finds her loneliness is eased when the king charges her with the care of his newest acquisition: an uncanny black wolf. What the king doesn't realize is his remarkable pet was once Gabriel, his favorite knight, cursed into wolf form by an unfaithful wife.

The beast's too-knowing eyes and the way he seems to understand her every utterance convinces Kathryn the wolf is more than what he seems. Resolving to restore him, she doesn't count on the greatest obstacle being Gabriel himself. The longer he stays in wolf form as a captive of the court, the harder it becomes for him to remember his humanity. And to fight his wolfish urges to maim and kill.

As Gabriel and Kathryn grow to care for one another despite his horrific curse, rumors of an uncanny wolf reach the ears of Gabriel's former wife and her unscrupulous new husband, Reynard. Together, they plan to dispose of the king's pet, knowing if Gabriel ever regains his human form he could strip them of everything they have schemed so hard to gain.

Only Kathryn's affection and determination stand between Gabriel the wolf and Gabriel the man. But when Reynard returns to court, will Kathryn's love be enough to keep Gabriel from exacting a brutish revenge that will condemn the wolf to death?

This was a very interesting take on the Beauty and the Beast story.

Gabriel is a werewolf who has been trapped in his wolf form since he told his wife of his 'condition' and hatched a dastardly plan to get rid of him. The problem is though that the longer he has been in his wolf form the more he forgets his humanity.

Along comes Kathryn (the beauty of the title) and Gabriel finds himself with a reason to regain his humanity.

This was very good. Not difficult to read and like I said before, it is a take on the story that I had never considered before.

There were some part that as I read I couldn't help but roll my eyes, but there are always parts like that in fantasy novels so I expected it before I even started.

A very enjoyable and light read.

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