Saturday, 2 April 2011

Switched by Amanda Hocking

I was pretty surprised when the review I left for this on Goodreads (which will be what follows) received 2 likes. Wow! The power is kind of going to my head. I have never had one of my reviews be 'liked' before and to have one liked twice within 2 days kind of filled me with a warm fuzzy glow. It also made me feel less horrible. You see (as you will know if you read my 'Phantom Diaries' review) I hate giving bad reviews. I really hate it. It makes me feel like a terrible person to totally criticise someones work. Work that they have put time and effort into... See I', making myself feel bad again. But the thing is I just couldn't gel with any of the characters and there was only one character that I actually liked. The others...I couldn't really care less about.

Anyway, here's my review.

Maybe I am being a little harsh but I found most of this book irritating beyond belief. I wanted to hit Wendy's troll mother from the minute she was introduced. And what is it about these YA novels when the characters treat the girl who by all accounts is supposed to be the heroin like she is as thick as two short planks and only has saw dust between her ears. It annoys me when she is there trying to ask questions and she keeps getting fobbed of with 'it's none of your concern' or 'you don't need to worry about it'. And she just accepts it! What!! If I were in her shoes I would be screaming an shouting until someone started treating me like a person and answering my questions. And no one seems to care that Wendy has been uplifted from all that she has known and dropped into a strange life - expected to do things she doesn't even know about. BUGS ME! And then blaming her when she doesn't do them right.

The one character I loved from the get go was Matt, Wendy's older brother. He had the whole older, protective brother thing off to a fine art and when I read that he was the one that named her as a baby I just fell in love with him all the more.

Don't really care about the rest of the characters.

The book just left me irritated, agitated and annoyed beyond belief!

So there it is, my twice 'liked' reviews. And I feel so hirrible...

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