Friday, 8 April 2011

Outlander Book 1 - Post 5


OK Mr Rochester, shimmy over I think one very cute and sweet Scotsman might have just taken your place in my affections.

I am in love with Jamie. He is just adorable. He made sure that Claire had a nice dress to get married in!! Because he wanted it to be as nice as it could be since she didn't want to get married anyway. Please tell me I am not the only soft hearted ninny out there that thought this was just aww worthy to the extreme. The darlin'. And he made sure that they would have time together.

And I am loving all of the little 'moments' between Claire and Jamie that are building up their relationship. It's not just all physical but emotional and tender at points too. Love it!

And talking about the physical aspects there is no getting round the sex. It is there. But I like how it isn't graphic. And I don't exactly get what people are complaining about when it comes to that aspect of the books. Or maybe I just haven't got far enough through the book yet. There are more graphic scenes in Mills and Boon novels for crying out loud. I am getting more of the fade in- fade out impression when it comes to these parts. So yeah, moving on like NOW! Oh, one more point though. Having Jamie being the inexperianced one just makes him even cuter. Ok. Moving on.

And I will say that I couldn't help but laugh at Claire's reaction to having to get married. GET SLOSHED! Yip I think I would react like that too. Getting paralytic before your forced marriage seems like a good plan to me. :-)

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  1. Aw--yeah, I loved that Jamie was the inexperienced one too! Outlander is a marvelous book. I read it years ago, so it's probably time for a re-read . . .


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