Friday, 27 January 2012

50 Years of James and the Giant Peach - Send a Peach

Maybe someone out in the book blogging world might be already doing this.... But if not, here goes. 

Rather annoyingly this has been running for the best part of a year and there is only 2 and a bit months left for this to go :( But, who feels like seeing how far we can get a peach in 2 months through the book blogging community?

What to do?
If we use the paper and post peach.
The idea is to photograph you and the peach in an interesting, local place, post the picture on and then send it off to the next buddy and then they do the same thing. Only need 5 people for that.

If we use the e-mail peach
We try to e-mail it to 50 people all together and tada - dun.

If you are interested what I was thinking was to send the paper version of the peach from place to place. And have it so that each person know where it is going next.... But then the e-mail version would be quick and easy too. So how about both.

Lets see how we can do for Monday 30th guys to give this a semi-fighting chance.

So fill out one of the forms below if you would like to give this a try :)

There is no pressure at all, just a crazy idea :)

Like I said there is no pressure, we either do it or we don't ;)

Tata, for now :)

free glitter text and family website at

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