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Character Spotlight - Robert Craven

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Today we will be learning a little bit more about one of the more secretive and private characters of the series. The world famous novelist Robert Craven.

And for this, I will hand you over to Adam and Carol.

Character Spotlight: Robert Craven
Robert Craven is the world renowned author of the Dark Shadow series (which Cat and her friends absolutely love!). He’s considered by many to be “The Master of The Macabre” and is also known as the ever elusive man due to no one ever being able to lay eyes on him. He has managed to elude all photographers and paparazzi and only shows up randomly (in disguise) to book signings, making him extremely hard to predict.
There are six books in his series, and the sixth novel, entitled The Cleansing, will be released in the coming months. Robert Craven’s vampire, werewolf, and witch literary works have set the world of horror fans on fire. His unusual take on the mythologies of these beings have caused an unprecedented following. Now that the Dark Shadow series has been made into feature length films, it’s not only book reviewers that are speaking highly of his works, but movie reviewers are now as well. Actually he’s set many records, including global box office revenue and book copies sold. Here’s a quick breakdown of his series:

The Dark Shadow Book Series:

Fear Descends (Book 1) Synopsis - Bartholomew Drake is not your average guy. He loves the night, enjoys a liquid diet and is a member of one of the oldest governments unknown to mortal man. Some would call him a nightwalker, others a blood sucking fiend, and others a vampire doomed to walk the earth only once night falls.

Through Bartholomew’s eyes you will witness the feud between his kind, werewolves, and witches. His quest to have peace among them all will meet heavy opposition, but our hero does not give up, even when the odds are greatly stacked against him.

Wolvesbane (Book 2) Synopsis - There is no recorded date when a werewolf first walked this earth. Mortals began telling tales in early centuries of seemingly human beings who, when the moon became full, would turn into hideous monsters that were hell bent on destroying any living thing in their path.

The werewolves continuing feud with their enemies, unearthly creatures like themselves, seems never-ending. The werewolf council becomes caught in the grips of a moral dilemma regarding peace with their enemies, pitting good and miss-guided werewolves against one another. The feud between their factions boils over as the tension rises and secrets are revealed, resulting in an explosive finale. And of course Bartholomew Drake is caught right in the middle of it all.

Death Becomes Him (Book 3) Synopsis - Bartholomew Drake wasn’t always a vampire, or blood thirsty fiend as they are referred to in some circles. No, he actually used to be your average mortal man, who one night was transformed into what he is today.

Bartholomew Drake is not your typical vampire either. He is a secret champion for peace between all races. Though not as aggressive as his peers, Bartholomew rose to power, becoming the leader of his coven. By showcasing his leadership abilities and proving to be the silver tongue of the supernatural world, Bartholomew Drake earned a cabinet seat in the governing body. Though he has several opponents, many do embrace him and his ideas. But even when he meets opposition our hero does not sway from his main goal: Peace between immortals and the human race. This is his story.

Red Twilight (Book 4) Synopsis - Having lived for centuries, true love seemed to always elude Bartholomew Drake. It doesn’t help that he is a blood thirsty vampire and any form of companionship was ended when he drank his fill and erased his victim’s memory. One night while looking for a snack Bartholomew stumbles upon a beautiful young woman in distress and saves her from certain death by an out of control motor vehicle.

Natasha Collins stirs up a powerful emotion within Bartholomew’s non beating heart, an emotion he hasn’t felt since his mortal days. An American studying in Ireland, Natasha is literally swept off her feet by Bartholomew Drake, a ruggedly handsome and unusually pale man. From the first moment Bartholomew looked into Natasha’s eyes, she realizes an emotion so fierce it takes her breath away. Unfortunately, like most fated couples in history, their forbidden love will be tested to the limits. How much can love endure before it breaks.

Darkness Awakes (Book 5) Synopsis - In small pockets of the world, witch covens thrive unknown to the mortals around them. White witches watch over humans and help protect them from the evils they’re blissfully unaware of, but dark witches have something more sinister in mind.

In the beginning, witches were not like most normal societies where there was good and evil, and their only focus was battling the dark side of nature. One fateful day though, that all changed, and darkness invaded them from within their own ranks. Now besides keeping vampires and werewolves at bay, they must also fight their own. But do not despair faithful readers, for the white witches are not alone, especially with immortals like Bartholomew Drake by their side.

Awesome sounding books, huh?

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  5. First I hate to disappoint you guys Robert Craven is just a character in our book and the book covers are just covers that Adam created. Maybe we should think about writing the books in the future. Now on to the serious business, 5 comments have been posted so it's time for the Kindle Fire question:
    Are there just vampires, werewolves or both vampires and werewolves in his books? Send your answer to Good Luck :)

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  8. Ok Carol & Adam, you got us, I was all set to say I was adding Robert to my wishlist, when I saw your post that he's simply a character in the Childe books. If you can find the time to write some of his books, I'm sure they will sell.

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