Sunday, 19 February 2012

In My Mailbox (17) Part 1


I can’t believe that it has been SO long since I last did a proper In My Mailbox post. I have raked through my bookshelves and dragged out all the books I can remember getting since and wow. I think I am in serious need of some help lol.

So here goes.

First of all the books I have got from Ebay.


The Scarletti Curse is one of my favourite books so I found a new copy for cheep and I heard about the ‘In Death’ series and thought it sounded brilliant. Not to mention that there are over 30 books in the series if I like the first one Smile So plenty of reading. And my friend said that Viral and its sequel are really good.


This is a science fiction series. Fire Dancer, Dancer’s Illusion and Dancer’s Luck –  sorry about the picture being cut off.

And next are the books I got from



I don’t really have much to say about these I am afraid other than that they sound good. I have been wanting to read Playing with Fire and Keeping it Real for some time so I am looking forward to them. Up in Smoke is the 2nd in that series so I am waiting for the 1st to arrive before I start reading Smile



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