Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lust at First Sight - A Rant

Been a wee while since I have had a good old rant about something hasn’t it?

Well, despair no more. I present – le rant.

Here is a topic – if you can call it that – that I had a mini rant about on twitter because I was crazy annoyed and I think it may be a bit more deserving of my time, you know, just to purge my system of the annoyance.

Yip it’s that!

We shall call it Lust at First Sight. Catchy don’t ya think? Now this little rant came about because I was reading a novel – that shall remain nameless – where our hero – who, on a side note was a complete and utter…PRAT, yip, that’s a nice safe(ish) word to use.

So yeah, we have our hero (AKA Mr Prat) and then out heroine walks into the room and suddenly he is in love. He is finding it hard to breath, his chest is tight. Oh my goodness is he having an aneurism. Uh, no because coincidently his chest ain’t the only thing that is getting a little tight.

Could this be love?

Didn’t his godfather tell him that this would be how he would react when in the presence of ‘the one’?

ME - *blows raspberry* Oh good grief pull yourself together and control yourself. You are a grown man for pities sake.

Having all of this going on in our ‘hero’s’ (oh I cringe to type that) head and then having a nice little description of how this beauty, this paragon of all the female virtues, this, this, goddess, his one true love is affecting him on a PHYSICAL level – yes I am talking below the waist line not all that chest tightening guff – does not scream TRUE LOVE at me. That my darling Neanderthal is lust! Pure and unadulterated lust.

It is a biological reaction to you undressing her with your eyes! Of course your chest is tight sheesh.

And this is something that I am finding more and more irritating in romances lately. The heroes are more often than not total letches, who chances are notice the breasts before the eyes – or maybe this is just being true to life. 

Lust and love are not the same thing.

Love lasts! Lust does not.

I suppose though that we wouldn't have the 'man falling in love with his wife' story lines then though would we if there was not this element of the relationship to things...

But it really does bug me how it seems to be portrayed in more books that I am reading that physical attraction is the same as true-honest-to-goodness-luuuuuuurve. I am not saying that it is not a factor in things but sheesh. I mean, yes she may look gorgeous when you see her and you propose marriage on the spot because OH MY GOODNESS she is THE ONE! (and after all you have never had this kind of reaction to any other women on the whole dang planet even though you are a notorious rake and have been around the block a few times) but what happens when you have been married a month an suddenly she is snoring at night and waking you up with her sneezing and covering you in her snot because she has the flu.


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  1. Cool rant Alex. I have to ask though, do you feel the same way about our heroines when they see a hawt guy and get all flustered? I haven't read many books from a male POV but this kind of lust at first sight would annoy me in any give situation. I think that's why there's not many YA books where I feel very connected to the heroines anymore.

  2. Whoohoo! You go girl! I hate this too. I'm sick of it getting all muddled. Especially in YA books because it's just teaching teens that physical attraction MUST be love! Oh please!


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