Sunday, 16 September 2012

All Things Austen - Being Elizabeth Bennet by Emma Campbell Webster

Elizabeth Bennet is the wittiest and most attractive heroine in English literature. And for the first time, in "Being Elizabeth Bennet", you are given the opportunity to star in the most popular novel in the English language: "Pride and Prejudice". 

You will be faced throughout this book with delicate challenges and dangerous choices. Whether you're accepting Mr Darcy the first time he professes his attachment, deciding to elope with Mr Wickham or avoiding a murderous Lady Catherine de Bourgh, this is a chance to rewrite Austen's most famous book. You decide who to marry and when. And if you have always preferred Mr Knightley's sophistication or have a sneaking admiration for the odious Mr Elliot then you can marry them instead. 

However, make choices with caution: "Being Elizabeth Bennet" is packed with characters and plot twists to thwart your happy union with Pemberly's most eligible bachelor. You must complete five stages - and successfully negotiate your way through Austen's five other novels - before can choose to accept Mr Darcy. But if the outcome does not suit, simply return to page 1 and create a new Jane Austen adventure.

This is very much a choose your own adventure book. You are given choices to make through out the book to see what happens at the end. Will you die of the cold? Or will you live happily ever after with Mr Darcy?

One of the things that I found hilarious was that you have to make up a list of 'inferior' connections as you go through - that tickled me. 

'No more!' you cry, and with that you hurl Fordyce's Sermons directly at his head, killing him in an instant. 

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  1. LOL
    It does sound fun, :)
    I'm not a big fan of chose your own adventure but I like the idea of this one


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