Monday, 10 September 2012

Persuasion - My Favourite TV Adaptation

I am going to go against everything that I have said in previous posts about the modern-er adaptations of Jane Austen's Novels.

The latest adaptation of Persuasion is by far my favourite!

I love it.

It is not really how the plot is portrayed - I love that too, don't get me wrong - but the way that the characters have been painted. I found that I could really gel with them in this version more than any other Austen adaption I have seen.

The way that the difference is shown between Anne's blood family and her family through marriage is brilliant, with the playful light feel that comes from her being with people who care for her and then the strict, almost bleak feel of her actual family.

Not to mention is has one of the most beautiful closing scenes when Captain Wentworth dances with Anne in front of her family home that he has just purchased as a weeding present for her. I am telling you, it is enough to bring a sentimental tear to a glass eye.

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