Saturday, 1 September 2012

Northanger Abbery - Wishbone takes on Northanger Abbey!

I am back again with another shout out for Wishbone.

Out of the 6 novels by Jane Austen 2 of then have been televised for Wishbone. There was Furst Impressions (Pride and Prejudice) and now there is ...

Pup Fiction based on Northanger Abbey.

Like all of the Wishbone episodes there is a ink between what is happening with the kids in real life and the story that Wishbone with be telling the audience.

As we have already said through the different posts Catherine was a heavy reader of gothic romance. Could we call it the 'pulp' fiction of the day? Perhaps. And so to link the stories together one of the girls in the modern day has got into pulp thrillers. So I give you the link, a little shakey, but there it is. :)

You can find this episode floating around the web if you do a little googling :) *cough* YouTube *cough*

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  1. OH MY GOD THIS EXISTS??!?!?? I am such a Wishbone fan - I used to watch the show religiously when I was younger. I'm sososososo sad that it was cancelled, it was excellent television. But I am totally Youtubing this episode - I didn't know Wishbone did Jane Austen!



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