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Persuasion - My Thoughts on Persuasion by Jane Austen

Welcome to Persuasion Weeks ladies and gentlemen!

Persuasion is definitely up there near the top of my list of favourite books, never mind books by Jane Austen. And the funny thing is that I have no idea why.

As I have already mentioned in my Emma post, I do not like match-making stories because I just know there is going to be a huge screw up somewhere and lots of embarrassment. 

But Persuasion doesn't have the match-making element Alex. So why don't you like it?

Because it has second thing that I most dislike in a story. The reconciliation with an old love thing. *shiver*. I really don't like that kind of story. Even in films - you know the kind, successful business woman returns to her small home town and rekindles her romance with her now widowed high-school sweetheart complete with motherless child - I dislike that kind of story line. 

But in Persuasion I just love Anne so much - not to mention all of the colourful characters that surround her. She it is obvious that her heart is breaking as she watches the man she loves court another and listens to the gossip that he will marry someone who is not her but she made her choice years ago and is prepared to face the consequences. She does not go around thinking that the world owes her something - even though in my opinion it does after she has had to deal with her family for all those years. 

And then we have Captain Wentworth - next to Colonel Brandon he has to be my favourite Austen hero (must have a thing for guys in uniform ;)) Even though I do think he is a bit of a tube for the way that he treats Anne when they first re-meet one another he is a right gent and he is only acting that way because she broke his heart so I can forgive him - but only just. 

And just to finish off with I want to mention one last thing. 

I have come to the decision that Jane Austen is the queen of supporting characters. They are all so colourful and full of life! I find that especially true where Persuasion is concerned!

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  1. I agree with you about both Anne and Captain Wenthworth
    Anne can be a bit of a pushover but she has a good heart and she doesn't go about with a huge chip on her shoulder.
    Wenwroth does, but he's the one who got left, so I could forgive him (but only just) as you say :D


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