Friday, 20 May 2011

Fairy Tale Bletherings (5) Sequels

This first book isn't exactly a sequel it is more a 'story of' than a 'continuation too' but who's being picky. It is a very good read so I think it can get popped into the post (and there will be references to this book in some future posts I have planned too).

First off just look at THAT cover.

It is gorgeous! I won't say anything else about it as I am determined to have this as a Cover Crazy one week but DANG. It is just so beautiful to look at.

This is a really good story of Neverland and of the hopeless romantics among us you may well not mind that the growing relationship between Hook and Wendy is going against everything we know of the characters.

I will point out that Wendy is NOT a child in this! We are not told how old she is only that she had been getting older during her time in Neverland. But she is not a little ten year old in this book.

And as you can tell from the cover, you can see that she is older too.

This one is more of a sequel and kicks off with the children once again back home. I have not read this one yet so I can't really say what it is like. Bit it is sitting quite happily on my kindle and I will be doing a review on t in the near future so keep an eye out if you are interested.

Here is the blurb
It has been five years since Wendy Darling and her brothers returned home after a harrowing ordeal in which they'd "gone missing" for several days and nights. To Wendy, they returned by fairy magic, fresh from the fight with Captain Hook, a little mussed up but none the worse for wear.
But to the rest of the world, Wendy and her brothers were abducted and put through such a traumatic experience, Wendy has subconsciously taken to hiding the truth from her brothers and herself by making up stories. Fairy stories – about a boy named Peter Pan and a world called Neverland.
Life is anything but a fairy story for them now. Wendy is being subjected to unwanted psychiatric therapy, her brothers are bullied at school, and the family is falling apart.
Then, one mist-filled night, a billowing black flag parts the clouds in the sky like the fin of a shark. It bears the stark white symbol of a skull and crossbones upon it.
Wendy has been forced to leave Neverland behind. But it is far from finished with her. In the blink of an eye, her world is once more turned upside down by a pixie in human form, a one-handed captain far more handsome and intriguing than she remembered him to be – and by a little boy… who grew up after all.

Sounds good doesn't it?

And last but not least we have Half Upon a Time which is a kind of sequel to Jack and the Beanstalk. I haven't yet been able to read this but it sounds like a really fun read and a post will be up about this at some point too.

Life’s no fairy tale for Jack. After all, his father's been missing ever since that incident with the beanstalk and the giant, and his grandfather keeps pushing him to get out and find a princess to rescue. Who'd want to rescue a snobby, entitled princess anyway? Especially one that falls out of the sky wearing a shirt that says "Punk Princess," and still denies she's royalty. In fact, May doesn't even believe in magic. Yeah, what's that about? May does need help though--a huntsman is chasing her, her grandmother has been kidnapped, and Jack thinks it’s all because of the Wicked Queen . . . mostly because May’s grandmother might just be the long-lost Snow White. Jack and May's thrillingly hilarious adventure combines all the classic stories—fractured as a broken magic mirror—into one epic novel for the ages.

Does anyone else know of any novels that are direct or direct-ish pick ups from fairy-tales?

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