Saturday, 28 May 2011

Favourite Love Triangle - Theatre Illuminata by Lisa Mantchev

I am not a great fan of love triangles. In fact I HATE them. Most of the time they bug me silly and I want to do nothing else but slap some sense into the girl (as most of the time it is a girl) in question, tell her to get her hormones sorted out and stop stringing along two guys and put them (or at least one of them) out of their misery already!

But! I will honestly say this is the first time I have EVER read a YA book and thought ‘Oh boy, even I don’t know who I would choose’

And so I was torn when the end of ‘Perchance to Dream’ arrived and we find out that Bertie (SPOILERS COMING) cares for both Ariel and Nate the exact same amount. And I mean EXACTLY the same. So now I am living in suspense because I am assuming that she will eventually have to choose one of them…or maybe neither…Crumbs! What would be worse? Leaving Nate crushed and broken? Leaving Ariel crushed and broken? Or leaving both of them (and no doubt Bertie) crushed, broken and alone?

Great, I am going to have nightmares tonight about the possibilities now.

Nate? Ariel? Nate…? Ariel…?  Agh. Nate? Ariel? Neither…? Both?

Oh, now there is a possibility that I dint think of. It won’t happen of course. But then again, she is married to both of them…

And then there is the fact that these men are as different as chalk and cheese and obviously hate each other’s fictional guts - Nate being the rough and tough sea faring sort and Ariel being a seductive air spirit with butterfly familiars. Really? Can anyone be more opposite Yeah I didn’t think so either. And the great thing  is that we have been given the whole of the first book to get to know them as characters – reasonably free from any kind of romantic entanglements – and then book 2 we get to see the romantic side building between Nate and Bertie, and Ariel and Bertie.

Sorry guys, waffling on a little bit there. So I shall leave you all in peace. 

Roll on BOOK 3!

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