Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Outlander Book 1 - Post 7

Right, this is going to be a very quick and slightly serious/heavy Outlander post.

What is with all the freakin’ rape attempt? It seem like every 2 minutes someone is trying to rape Claire. IN FRONT OF JAMIE no less. What is that all about?  So that makes a tad squirmy but I am persevering. If I was reading I think I would be guilty of skipping these parts but I am listening on my iPod so I just start to concentrate extra hard on my ironing at those bits.

Rendell’s true nature comes to light. It seems that someone is constantly trying to rape both of them at one point or another.   

And finally - Jamie beating Claire. I am not sure how I feel about that. I mean, yes, Claire was a silly mare in trying to get away when she did – bit she didn’t know that there was a wee horse party of English soldiers out having a little gallop did she. And there is nothing to say that the soldiers wouldn’t have found her if she had stayed where Jamie had left her. So I am not sure about that at all. I understand that it was done as a disciplinary measure *shrug* on Jamie’s part and not because he was drunk and being lose with his fist but still…having some experience with violence I am not happy at all with a man raising his hand to a women – no matter the reason. But then this was a different world and a different time so…who am I to judge I suppose. But that was another point where I wasn’t at all happy.

But I quickly cheered up when the next day Claire threatened to carve out Jamie’s heart and fry it for breakfast if he raised his hand to her again. You go Claire! I don’t care how dang adorable Jamie is. That ain’t acceptable so I am all for Claire stabbing him in his sleep at that point.

And that’s me for this post.

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