Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Barefoot Heroine (Mayne Attraction) by Ann Mauren

Former CIA agent Ash Ryan has finally found a stress-free dream job. But his life turns bitterly painful when he falls desperately in love with Ellery Mayne, the entrancing but clueless subject of his company’s security contract. This excerpt from the Mayne Attraction series reveals the secret life of Ellery as seen through the eyes of a man who adores her but believes he will never get to meet her.

Yay, my Mayne Attraction fix - hopefully enough to keep me going.

So here we have excerpts from one of the future books that will be told from Ash's point of view and it is filled with some of the cutest, awe and smile worthy thoughts from Ash I have ever read - I am smiling like a loon as I type this that is how cute they are.

"...You’re welcome to whatever you need from me. Any time." A kiss, a hug, a husband … whatever you need.

And one of the best things is that one of the chapters included is Ash and Ellery's first PROPER  meeting told from Ash's perspective - Chapter 17 from In the Spotlight. It was great to read what was going on in Ash's head.

*sigh* Don't you just love reading moments through the hero's eyes?

If you have read In the Spotlight and want a taste of what the next book will be like give this a read, I do not think you will find it a disappointment.

And if you have not read Mayne Attraction... *dangles carrot* It is free on Amazon...

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Smashword - for non-Kindle peeps

Or head on over to Ann Maurens website and read some extracts from In the Spotlight (book 1) if you do not want to be faced with a full novel straight away.

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  1. Hi Alex! Thanks for the shout out about Barefoot Heroine! So glad (and relieved) that you enjoyed it!

    I've always loved reading from the hero's perspective as well, so writing Ash's book has been like a huge session of wish fulfillment! LOL!

    Thanks for giving my new short story your "cuteness seal of approval"! I am in your debt!



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