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Emily Hendrickson

Miss Timothy Perseveres 

Spending most of her life in the home of her wealthy aunt, serving her cousin as companion and confidant, a lovely young woman is cast out once her cousin marries. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, fate smiles upon her in the form of a wealthy duke, who charges her to look after his injured mother. But little does she realize that her heart and soul can be entranced by her employer so easily.

The Gallant Lord Ives
Shy country girl Alissa Folkes prefers the company of her peregrine falcon and the comfort of sculpturing to handsome London lords. Alissa is content to remain at home, leaving her sister Henrietta to dazzle some of the local beaux and Elizabeth to charm the rest. Yet deep inside Alissa yearns for true love and a hero. She tends her herbs while longing to impress the chivalrous gentleman who is her father's guest, Christopher, Lord Ives. He came to Wiltshire to study Alissa's father's sheep, but he found far more. Rather than the outgoing sisters, he is drawn to Alissa's gentle beauty. Can his love work a miracle to make Alissa bloom?

The Colonial Upstart
When beautiful, talented American Louisa Randolph comes to the Earl of Westcott's estate, she has a good deal to say about English society and its manners. The high-handed lord finds her influence on his family disturbing--but her influence on the earl himself is what most surprises both Louisa and Drew. Regency Romance by Emily Hendrickson; originally published by Signet

Lord Dancy's Delight

When handsome Lord Dancy saves the life of Amelia Longworth three times on the trip to London, she is determined to repay him, and her spirited attempts to protect him soon melt the aristocrat's heart.

These have all been waiting to be posted on for...months. But there is not much to say. They are all fluffy, feel good romances. Where out heroine gets the hero and all who deserve it live happily ever after. 

There is nothing 'deep' about them. I do not mean this in any insulting way it is just that the stories are somewhat predictable. They have a plot but you know the only reason the plot is there is for a romance to come out of it...if that makes sense. 

In some the heroine are pretty drippy in the 'I need a hero to rescue me' kind of way *cough* The Gallant Lord Ives *cough* but then in others the heroine was refreshing but not irritatingly head strong and idiotic, she was clever and knew how to handle herself  - my favourite being Lord Dancy's Delight. 

Fluffy romances :)

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