Monday, 19 December 2011

Why Change the Covers! Why!!!! #2

Hi! Long time no...type huh? I have not been able to get my head round writing reviews lately - there is a lot of real life rubbish going on right now - but to get myself back into the swing of things. TADA *pulls post out of a hat*

You guys may remember a similar post I did some months ago about one of my pet peeves - changing covers!

Well here is another set of books that have had their covers changed.

I do know that some people HATED with a passion the first covers (that I love) but personally I hate the new ones. While one of my friends is the total opposite. She thinks the ones I like are dreadful. Each to their own I suppose ;)

They are all so snazzy and original. They jump out at you.

And now they are THIS!

Hmmm...yeah. I mean it is not that they are terrible or's just that they don't have that SPARK and uniqueness that the others did. These ones are too much like all the other book covers out there that I could look at it in a pile and nothing would attract me to the cover...

Just my thoughts. :)


And now for my next trick ladies and gentlemen I shall disappear *poof*

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  1. I think both concepts are fine and generally I don't care so long as the covers go together. I hate when they change covers mid-series!


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