Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 - Books Unfinished

I hate leaving books unfinished. After spending £7.99 on a book (or something around those lines) the last thing I want to do is pack in reading it and be left with it gathering dust. But, this year, some books have indeed been left unfinished by your truly *hangs head in shame*

And, one thing that I have noticed is that the reason for me stopping each of them has been sex. I know that sex is in novel (duh) I have been reading adult fiction since my early teens (don’t tell my mum) so I am well aware it crops up. But it is the way and the whys of this happening that can cause me to put down a book and very rarely pick it back up.

I know that when I read and posted on Outlander by Diana Gabaldon the sex and near rape scene nearly had me packing in the book altogether but I persevered because I cared for the characters and I really wanted to know what was going to happen – and also the scene were often used to forward something and not just a separate scene. But this was not the case with the books I could not complete this year. With 2 of them I just didn’t care what would happen with the characters and with the 3rd I was too disappointed I think to continue.

So enough garbeling on my part. Time for the books.

Book 1

Siren by Tricia Rayburn

I actually accused this book of killing my love of YA for a while... But it was just soooo UGH!!!! 
Post is here for that one. 

Book 2

White Dawn by Susan Edwards

First, according to the blurb, our heroin is 'rescued' by a trapper. Nope. First she is rescued by an Indian brave who apparently fall in love with her and she with him and then abandon her.
My problem with this was that our heroines father was an evil peace of work who after a guy put the moves on her accused her of being the whore and then abandoned her in the middle of no where.
Now because of this - her father had made her life hell - you would think that the last thing she would do would sleep with someone at the drop of a hat.
Yeah, guess what she does.

*shrug* Maybe I am looking at things the wrong way or whatever but it was enough to have me skim the book, pay attention every 15 pages and get the gist of the story.
Sooo....not my thing.

Book 3

Jane by April Lindner
And here is my let down.
I was so excited about this book. And when I finally had the pennies for it I leapt at my laptop and ordered it ASAP.
And then I read it...well half of it.
I made it as far as this versions 'proposal/admission of love scene' where they ended up in BED!!!!!!! and then I shut it.
Good grief my reasons for stopping these books make me sound like such a snob or something but Jane Eyre has been my favourite novel since I read it. And one of Jane's characteristics was that she was different from everyone else Mr R had ever known. And although I know that this is a retelling and therefore the author may have been gearing it toward the 'modern' audience in which sex before marriage happens, surely the thing that would have made Jane different from Nico's (Mr R) groupies would have been in she had put her foot down. No. Just me.... Ok then.

So there we have it.

Toodles all x

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