Tuesday, 26 July 2011

In My Mailbox! (7)

This is really, really, really LATE and I was considering not bothering but I couldn't do that because I am SO excited. So here goes.

First book is Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini! Andd I won this! I actually won this! I can't believe it, I never win things...

Isn't it pretty. It is so pretty.

But I have something that is even PRETTIER!

*breath in, breath out, breath in* scream and jump about with excitement.

Do you see THAT! It says Advanced Reader's Edition! This is the first ARC I have received through the post. And it is the last book of one of my most favourite series. Just look at it. I nearly cried when I opened the packet (if I'd known this was in it - kodak moment and everything - I would have been filming the grand 'opening' hehe.

SO happy!

Anyway, there is my little but of excitement over with.

Happy week everyone.

Oh, and a goodies giveaway should be going up some time this week so keep an eye out guys.



  1. Great IMM! I have only gotten a couple ARCs and I know exactly how excited you are! There is nothing better than an unexpected book in the mail!!!

  2. @Somer

    It's amazing isn't it. I was nearly ricocheting around my hall when I opened the envelope. It is kind of annoying though because no-one knows I blog so I couldn't get all excited with anyone face to face lol. :)


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