Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

Yip, I realise this isn't a book. But I felt like having a little blether about Transformers :)
*maybe a few  spoilers*

So, anyone else a sci-fi nerd.

I am not REALLY a nerd NERD as I can take or leave a sci-fi book but I have a really big weakness for sci-fi films. Star Trek (I love the TV series' - my mum is a treky 'nuf said;)), Planet of the Apes, Star Wars and, more recently Transformer *sings* ROBOTS IN DISGUISE ;)

And oh my goodness! The third film was AMAZING!

I didn't get too excited about going to see it as I got really hyper about seeing the 2nd one and I thought it was a bit of a let down. The storyline seemed so random and suddenly bringing Megatron back to life (when he was supposed to have been crushed beyond all hope) seemed  little bit weak.

And get this.

             Guess who this is?      

It's SPOCK!!!!!! Kinda looked like him at bits too. And this transformer had a dreadlock-y beard. Cool!

And this may be a tad strange but I have a serious crush on Optimus Prime.

 DEEP VOICE : Taking the children was a bad idea.

I sobbed like nothing else when he 'died' in the second film. I was like 'What...what...what...SAM I HATE YOU! *SOB*'

While we are on the subject of Sam I am totally not surprised that Mikaela left him. I think I would have left him. In the first and second film I found his attitude grating, in this film it was down-right  irritating. And I have never really forgiven him for his attitude to Bumblebee in the second film. Sam treated him like a dog! What was that about. Twit!

And now his attitude has totally done a 180! Remember how in Revenge of the Fallen he was basically wanting nothing to do with the issues going on. Yeah, well, he has has a reality check and seems to have decided that being an alien ambassador isn't actually such a bad gig (shame no one is taking him seriously though *laughs*).

There are some funky new auto-bots that pop up (while some mysteriously disappear - why do they do that!) and Wheelie is BACK! I am so glad they put him in this film, I loved him!


  1. I really liked the 3rd one too! I know what you mean about the 2nd. I hated the first half but the second have was all right. I kinda <3 optimus too!

  2. LOL! Alex, I hate to break it to you but you ARE a nerd nerd. But it's OK because so am I and anyway nerds are totally cool.

    I am going to see Transformers on Saturday. I don't think I care what happens in the movie. I grew up watching the cartoons so I have this massive bias :)


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