Tuesday, 11 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Post 2 - Freakin' Out!

Right now in the world there are countless people freaking out about their story lines, characters and how the fiddle sticks they are going to achieve the word count for NaNoWriMo.
Despite the fact that there is still over 20 days to go.
Yip, and I admit that I am now turning into one of those people.
Why though? Like I said there is still all of that time to go. Nearly 3 weeks!
Well speaking personally it is because I can't seem to settle on one particular idea. That has always been an issue with me though so there is nothing surprising about that to be honest.

And then there are all of the different factors.

1st person?
3rd person?
How many characters?
Original piece?

You guys get the gist. This is enough to make your head explode – very messy, and gooey.

My main problem seems to be centred round my writing experience to date. Namely – fan-fiction. I like messing around with other peoples characters. That is basically it. I like working situations so that Wolverine and Rogue get together (believe me you do not want to get me started on the X-MEN films. *grumble, grumble*). I enjoy juggling situations so that Erik and Christine get their happily ever after despite his deformity and inclination to throttle people and chuck them into his torture chamber.  It is fun.

And because of this is has been a while – well, more than a while – since I have actually had to write anything that has come from my own brain and didn’t involve a pre-made story *gulp* that is kinda, sorta SCARY.

Cue tweet!

Anyway, because of that reason I’ll be halfway through planning a story in my head and it’ll be all nice and shiny and pretty looking and then I’ll be hit by ‘NO! Can’t do that, if you squint at it that would pass as a Star Trek fan-fiction! Damn it!’ (Not that fan-fiction is bad it is just I am wanting something that is all ME for this story. If I can) And so the mental slate gets wiped clean I binge on a cup of coffee and fall deeper into the ink well of despair *splash-gurgle-gurgle*

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