Friday, 7 October 2011

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Hi Guys…

Sorry book reviews have been a bit slow in coming, the truth is I just haven’t been reading an awful lot lately. I have hit a totally sickening, depressing reading slump that makes all of my other slumps fade to nothing in comparison. Pretty epic huh!

But there will be posts on personal opinions - *shiver* yeah I know, you don’t really care but it’ll make me feel better because at least something will be going up – some more ‘Reasons Why?’ (remember them?), and a few author interviews – *reaches for the dancing shoes*

But this is to say that I also have another blog.

I am a bit of a Phantom of the Opera nerd and so before I started this blog I started a blog called Phantom Novel Review – yeah, not very imaginative but it was the best I could do.

The idea was for me to review Phantom Novels (duh) and post my thoughts (double duh), but instead of just posting on Phantom Novels that could fall under the Phan Fiction bracket I also add reviews for novels that have phantom-y themes – so some of the books reviewed here can also be found on Phantom  Novel Reviews. Sheesh this is getting complicated isn’t it.

But I also post on Phantom-y thoughts and stuff. Most of the posts are pretty random actually and I try to make them as funny as I can…

So head on over to Phantom Novel Reviews if you so fancy as in the next few weeks the reviews here will be a bit…non-existent (I am saying that now but they will hopefully pick up) but the posts over at dah other blog will be picking up.

And also…a few more followers over there couldn’t go amiss *scuffs floor* just a few *anime eyes* pleaaaaase.

See it has a little button and everything :)

Anyway guys I shall love you and leave you.

Have a brilliant weekend!

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