Saturday, 29 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Post 5

How is everyone's NaNoWriMo prep going as we all have less than 3 days to go?

I had a slight story melt down a few days ago but I am starting to glue everything back together again - sorta. The problem seems to be that I can't get everything laid out in a way that I am comfortable and happy with following - yes something like that is enough to throw me (I've been the same since school).  I had started to put everything on cards and I was happy with that for about 2 days and then my head did a total 180. So yeah, I am trying to avoid writing anything down right now and keeping stuff in my head until I can look at a sheet of empty paper without getting agitated - weird and wonderful I know.

Anyway, onto the more practical stuff I have been doing.

I tidied the car - but I have already told you that. Proud of THAT achievement.

I hated doing this one but I returned a bunch of books to the library so I don't end up freaking out about getting them finished and returned for the right date.

Bunged a load of books, a few DVDs and CDs onto Ebay in hopes of
a. making some room on my shelves and
b. getting some extra pennies so that I can get 2 books I have had my eye on for AGES and that I will be hopefully getting come December 1st as an end of NaNoWriMo celebration.
I love ebay :)

And coffee! I am a bit of a coffee fiend at the best of time but I figured that this called for something special. The mother of all jars of coffee. Look at it. It is the size of my kettle!

Yeah, the bottom of the picture got cut off.
Yum, yum, yum. Normally I get cheaper coffee so I can't wait to dig into this stuff. Mmmmmmm...

Right I shall love you and leave you.

Oh, one more thing. Writing buddies is now up and running on the NaNoWriMo site, so if you are interested in being buddies you can find me here

Talk to you all soon :)

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