Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Jane Eyre 2011

I have finally seen Jane Eyre (well months ago actually but lets forget that for the time being ;)) – Well in all honesty I saw it at the beginning of last month but who’s being picky ;).
Anyway, moving on…
It was ok…I suppose. Ok, FINE, it was a bit of a let down. Which was a major bummer as I have been looking forward to it for nearly a year. My main gripes are with the story – well the way that the story was chopped up.


#1 – we are not told who Adele is. Yes we find out that she is Mr Rochester’s ward and that Mr R knew her mother nut that is it! Mr R at no point has the ‘mistress’ talk with Jane.
#2 – The Rivers aren’t Jane’s cousins! I know right! What’s with that?
 #3 – Richard Maison (Bertha’s Brother) looked WAY too young. He looked around Jane’s age when he is supposed to be nearer Mr R’s  age.
#4 – the editing struck me as being really choppy and disjointed at points.
#5 – Mr Rochester was sarcastic to the point of being rude! I didn’t like that.
#6 – The relationship between Jane and Rochester just happened. There was no building - but then I can semi-sorta forgive them that as this was only 2 hours. 

Right, I think that is all of my complaints. Sorry.

But now onto the good stuff.

#1 – it was very gothicy and I loved that feeling.
#2 – Judy Dench as Mrs Fairfax, need I say more.
#3 – I loved the relationship between Jane and Adele. It is something that has never sat right with me in the other version floating around but I think that it was nailed here. They had Jane telling Adele stories on the floor with Adele on her lap and Adele cuddling up to Jane… I just loved it.
#4 – that bit in the library. This is a bit that seems to come and go in Jane Eyre adaptations. After the wedding explosion and Jane comes out of her room to find Rochester waiting for her and he takes her to the (I think it is) the library and gets her a drink, yada, yada, yada. Yeah remember?
Well in this we have THAT happening. We don’t have Mr R telling Jane all about his younger years, brother, father etc but we do have his emotional meltdown. BINGO!
I loved it!
Yeah I know I’m weird, but there was so much emotion and pain as he was holding onto her and crying and burying his head in her stomach as she stands up to leave … this just hit it on the head for how I have always imagined this scene to be.  LOVED IT!

#5 – When Jane comes back to Thornfield she meets Mrs Fairfax and Mrs Fairfax asks her why she ran away, telling Jane that she had some money saves and Jane should have come to her. So TOTALLY fictional – in that it wasn’t in the book – but I loved it. It was a lovely moment.

And last but not least

#6 – Jane has a dream when she in in her own cottage and it is snowing – yeah you guys remember that bit form the trailer don’t you. That was gut wrenching to watch and see how she still loved him.

So all in all. OK. I still though it was disappointing but alright. It annoys me that they had so much to work with and they still come out with what they did, but never mind that is just my personal opinion.

If you have seen it what did you think?


Oh and one last thing. The CUTE moments between Jane and Rochester in this version were at an all time high - just thought i'd add that.

Toodles :)

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  1. Well... I watched this earlier in the year and I didn't like it, I also felt like it was a bit of a let down.

    I don't think Jane was cast appropriated, I don't think Mia W has the chops yet to pull this off. She lacked intensity.

    Rochester, I liked and not only because I find Michael F to be one hot dude, but I thought he did intensity well, even if the scrip didn't help him.

    As you say, the movie was choppy and without a nice flow to it.

    Oh, and btw, have you read the modern re-telling Jane by April Lindner?

  2. I'm glad you got to see it and analyze it. As you may know I have some serious issues with this book. I won't bug you with them, though. ;)

  3. I liked this one but not as the older Jane Eyre. Still the love story is amazing.

  4. I thought Mia was actually really fantastic as Jane Eyre.
    I quite like the gothic-ness as well - the whole atmosphere of the movie was somehow really alluring to me!



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