Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer by Rita Hestand

Emma Smith hadn't been straight with her new boss, but he hadn't given her much of a chance to explain. Trapped in her own lies and uncertainties Emma was running in fear of losing her baby. Deke Travers, oldest son on the 4 Bar None Ranch, needed one thing to make his life more peaceful, his brothers to settle down and get with the business of ranching. There was only one solution, marry them off to country girls. And Emma will be the first bride on the 4 Bar None Ranch. 

This was a nice quick read and very cute - even if I did want to slap some heads a couple of times.

We have a few twists and turns to the story  but nothing that I think can detract from the light and cute factor.

The major thing that bugged me was our hero had an issue with people telling him lies, but every time our heroine tried to tell him something either something would interrupt or he would pull the 'we'll settle it later' thing and she would never get to tell him. Which of course he views as her lying to him. DUDE! It was just rubbishy timing, it happens to the best of us. But the fact that this happened so many times had me ready to scream. But he does get brownie points for not going mega stroppy when she finally tells him everything.

All of the the characters were likable and at times relate-able to with the situations they found themselves in.

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