Saturday, 19 November 2011

NaNoWriMo - Insentive

Halfway through November, halfway through NaNo.

And I am kinda failing. OK, not failing that is awfully negative sounding, I am experiencing some hiccups, yeah that is better - sounds more fixable. Right now I am sitting at just under 20,000 words. So yeah, it is redeemable yet. :)

How are you guys all doing?

Do any of you have an incentive to get you to finish? Not that the happy glow of having completed 50,000 words isn't reward enough, but anything else.

Have you sworn of chocolate until you reach 50,000? - I flirted with that idea but I figured that things would be stressful enough. Promised yourself a new game, dvd, cd... The list is endless.

Well I have decided on my personal reward to me - since no one else is going to get me anything lol.

As you may know I am a die hard, geeky, nerdy Phantom of the Opera fan so my reward is going to be a Requiem Mask travel mug - Requiem Mask is an online comic based on Phantom. And it as the funniest picture EVER on it.

I will reach  50,000 words!!! I will!!!

Do you have a reward/incentive?

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  1. I passed on Nano this year, I just never seem to be able to see it through.

  2. I am totally running behind as well. I'm trying to catch up slowly each and every day but things always seem to come up. I've never actually thought about giving myself an incentive but that's a really great idea. Don't know what I would want though!


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