Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Posters! Snow White and the Hunstmen

I am seriously looking forward to this film next year guys. Hopefully it will actually be out in the summer here in the UK and I won't have a depressing wait til Christmas for it to hit the cinemas. UK peeps don't you just HATE that!?

But anyway, here is some pretty darned pretty posters :)

Totally SCREAMS at the top of its papery lungs ALICE IN WONDERLAND. But it is from the same producer so that may have something to do with it. :)

Ravens on the poster AND in the trailer. Could this be a nod to the original Disney version...Pretty snazzy pic though. Love the dagger in her hand. 

Boooo Hissssssss Bad Lady! And her dagger is totally lame I think compared to Snow's (IMHO).

*Sigh* And this be the Huntsmen of the peace I do believe. 

And now for them all together in a poster of EPICNESS!

Woohooo. How good does this look! I cannot wait! (sorry have a said that all ready).

I am still living in hope that the Huntsman and Snow will be an item in this. And I am hoping even harder as the prince ain't in this poster. Hmm... Promising. :)


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  1. These posters do look seriously awesome! I haven't heard of the movie yet, but will have to take a look online for more. Thanks!

  2. This does look pretty good. You're growing excitement is wearing off on me. ;)

  3. @BookGeek
    I hope you like what you find on it. :)

    Woohoo. My evil pan is succeeding Mwahahaha lol. I hope it is not a disappointment when it comes out but we shall have to wait and see. :)


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