Monday, 7 November 2011

Reasons Why Emoticon...Parents

Hi everyone, I am sorry that things have been a little quiet around here the past week or so but with NanNoWriMo going on I haven't had that much spare time and then what time I did have has been used with hospital visits to by grandmother who was admitted to hospital last week. 

But never mind about that. I have some down time finally and so you are going to get a review...well kinda a review, more like half a review. Ok it is a rant. 

Now please don't think that just because I am ranting I am not enjoying the book that I will be talking about because I really am but this is something that has been bubbling away in the back of my head for a while. 

It seems that everyone has read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, but I only pocked it up a few months ago and it kind of set of the domino affect of pet peeves in my mind as I was reading. 

I haven't yet finished this book - I am half way through it - and like I said I am enjoying it but It has just seemed to bring together too many of my teeth grinding grievances with YA fiction lately. 

The Rant. 

Would it be impossible for the heroine in a modern fantasy YA novel to actually have a decent and well balance home and social life. I get that it makes for interesting story telling and reading when your main character is the outcast but it does get a little old though. And I understand how it works wonders for story development as our heroine goes from being the social leper to a strong, assertive, kick butt leader. But it DOES MY HEAD IN!

All it does is make me agitated and angry with the parents as their kid goes around feeling inferior to the golden younger child or Mrs Brown's pet budgie at number 23. And then it turns out that it was all for our heroines own good and that Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Phil in Australia are really sorry for the treatment that has been dished out to her over the years, but hey, it has made her into the strong, independent person she is today. And then everyone is forgiven and then skip off into the setting sun holding hands and singing Disney songs. JUST LIKE THAT! And that is what drives me mad!

Personally I would be raising hell and telling my mother to get references from guys in the future as it was her fault I turned out to be half god, fae, pixe or freaking carrier pigeon!!

And now for some SPOILERS!!!!! for the Iron King. I am only half way through the book so I apologise now if anything is pointed out or set straight later on in the book or series. 

I HATE Meghan's father. The arrogant, pompous, chauvinistic...PRAT! 

And then there is the treatment dished out to Meghan by her father's court. 

Her father basically says he can't let his enemy get a hold of her as they might turn her against him. Well ACTUALLY YOU are doing a pretty good job of doing that yourself SWINE!

And they all treat her like last weeks garbage. Excuse me but it is not Meghan's fault that she is half human, half fae. It is King Oberon's fault! You know, as he couldn't keep it in his trousers and her married mother who went of and had a one night stand - i don't care what her reasons were either (that is more a personal feeling than anything else - if you make vows you keep them, and you sure as hell don't make your child feel like an outcast)

But that is what drives me absolutely mental about this kind of book. The child getting blamed for their parents mistakes and being treated as less than a person (more often than not by both parties involved).

It drives me crazy beyond words until I want to kick the father (guess where), slap the mother and be the kids best friend. 

Ok, that'll be the rant over for the time being. Yikes, look at all the capital letters and exclamation marks...

But like I said I am enjoying the book and hopefully a proper post will be up soon on the book. 


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  1. Parents in YA often drive me nuts, I always praise a story when I find decent parents in it.

    I really can't believe parents are generally that clueless.

  2. LOL! You crack me up. I haven't read the Iron Fey books yet but everyone seems to be in love with them. I don't know what it is about parents and YA books. They're just never there, but I guess you're right when you say that that's because it adds more drama to the story. I've read a few where the parents are around and it's not as interesting for me. When they are around though, I'd like them to have some sense.

  3. I have been enjoying this series of books, but you're right. I think bad parenting is the easiest kind of conflict to write in YA. "Oh, I'm an outcast with failures as parents. If only they had told me the truth to begin with, this craziness wouldn't be happening" lol.


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