Monday, 5 January 2015

My Reading Goals for 2015

I always tell myself that I’m not going to set myself goals as they inevitability fall through but as last year sis go pretty well I figured I might as well put some thought into it.

Last Year!
I set myself the goal on Goodreads of 75 books. Which I achieved. Yay! Gold star for me.
I completed one and a bit bingo cards for the Book Bingo Challenge.

I also finally crossed off some long standing goals I have had for quite some time. The Great Gatsby for one thing. I feel so proud *beam* that I have finally read this as it is one of those books that always crops up on lists and on the podcasts that I listen to. So yeah…HAPPY!

But never mind last year.

2015 Goals!
Ignoring the challenges *gulp* I decided to sign up for this year I woule like to read some more Charles Dickens than I have done so far… This might be a wee bit of cheat to put this in hear as I do have some Charles Dickens (well, Bleak House) goodness scheduled, but never mind. Eventually I would like to be able to say that I have read them all :).

And now to the challenges.

Outlander Series – I want to read all of this series this year. I have read the first book several times but I want to get all of the others under my belt.

Vintage Mystery Bingo Gold & Silver – there are 36 book spots in each of these challenges. I have a huge Agatha Christie collection so where I can a Christie book will be getting slotted into a spot for this challenge.

Colour Coded Challenge – there is no genre for this challenge so I might make it for…*think think think* YA? Hmmm…I don’t know, I’ll have to think on that one. Anyway, there are 9 places for books in that challenge.

Victorian Reading Challenge – this one is really to tie in with my Charles Dickens reading goal and also to get me away from Dickens and onto some other authors. It is also going to give me the opportunity to revisit some of my favourite authors so that is always nice. :)

Audiobook Challenge – the nice thing about this challenge is that it won’t take an awful lot of effort (thank fully) because of my work I listen to quite a lot of books :)

Read! Read! Read!
There is no getting away from it. I have LOTS of books, LOADS of books that I haven’t read. I am not going to give a number (that would be way to depressing, believe me) but I am going to put in more of an effort to read the books I already have and think more before I buy new one. I’ll keep a score of the number of books I get read from my shelves as of today (5th January) so stay tuned for the final number.

Happy Reading and all the best with any goals you have set yourself for the coming year!

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