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Armed and Magical (Raine Baneres #2) by Lisa Shearin

My name is Raine Benares. Until last week I was a seeker—a finder of things lost and people missing. Now I'm psychic roommates with the Saghred, an ancient stone with cataclysmic powers. Just me, the stone, and all the souls it's ingested over the centuries. Crowded doesn't even begin to describe it. All I want is my life back—which means getting rid of the stone and the power it possesses. To sort things out, I head for the Isle of Mid, home to the most prestigious sorcery school, as well as the Conclave, the governing body for all magic users. It's also home to power- grubbing mages who want me dead and goblins who see me as a thief. As if that's not enough, Mid's best student spellsingers are disappearing left and right, and I'm expected to find them. Lives are at stake, goblins are threatening to sue, mages are getting greedier, and the stone's power is getting stronger by the hour. This could get ugly.

This is book two is the Raine Benares novels and it was just as much fun to read (well…listen too) as the first book.

(It is like someone has gone ‘Oh no, this is meant to be an adult novel’ so we have sex being mentioned (not done though) and more language than in the first book)

Mycheal, the paladin of the Elven Guardian has taken Raine to the isle of Mid in search of the one person he believes is strong enough to sever her bond with the saghred AKA a soul munching rock. But then since when have things ever gone as they are meant too.

Raine’s bond with the saghred is getting stronger as the people out to get her is getting longer.

Her relationship with Tam and Mycheal are getting more complicated and more trouble is added to the mix when a 1000 year old goblin is out to get the saghred and the limitless power it comes with.

As I said it was a fun read and Raine’s witty narration had me smirking all the way through.

The supporting characters are fun and colourful, great to read about and make the book all the more enjoyable.
Piaras (Raine’s 'adopted' brother) is growing into his powers and becoming a more active character rather than just being along for the ride. Which I have loved.

Mycheal shows what he will do to protect Raine, and Tam…well, you will have to read and see.

My one issue is that there is a constant repetition of facts. Once again we have the ‘I’m a seeker’ thing all the time – DUDE we get it! And facts are being repeated over that we have already been told in the first book. I understand that for those that haven’t read the first novel it is handy but it is annoying.

Good, fun read!

“Whoever said ignorance is bliss must have dies a horrible death with a really surprised look on his face”

“I couldn’t be bonded to just any old stone of cataclysmic power. Mine had lawyers.”

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  1. I have the first book in this series sat on my TBR pile but worried it would be all sex like the other adult fantasys out there - may give it a shot.

    Great review, thanks!


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