Monday, 8 August 2011

Coffee at Little Angels by Nadine Rose Larter

I am looking at the notes I scribbled down while reading this and trying to figure out how to put them into sentences and paragraphs (complete with full stops and everything)'s hard!

Ok, here goes.

I went jogging on the morning that I died.
Now, is that an opening line, or is that an opening line!

This books was wonderful. The writing is smart, funny and laugh out loud witty while also being so heart-wrenchingly bitter sweet it had me in tears.

In this book we meet seven people who were - once upon a time - friends during school and now they have been brought back together after the death of one of their group.

Some of the group I loved, some of them I hated but all of them were painfully and brilliantly human, they had their good points and their bad points, some of them I loved as soon as I started reading about them and other rubbed me up the wrong way immediately - just like people (go figure). They all had their own personalities, their own views and their own voices.

Although we are not told were this book is set (BUT Cape Town is mentioned once - SUCCESS) I guess it is in Africa and if Cape Town and where the author lives is anything to go by it is in South Africa - woohooo take THAT Sherlock Holmes! Aids is common and is killing people daily, hugging the help is not done and racial tension is something that seems to be an everyday fact of life.

This book deals with so many of the different reactions people have to death and loss, from the emptiness of not having someone there, to the guilt of not feeling their death as much as you feel you should and also shows just how complicated relationships can be.

Aaaaaaaand there is also a slight itsey-bitsey-ickle mystery element to the book - but it is so subtle you don't even realise it is there.

Soooooo bad points...(think, think, think) - some may find it a little confusing with the POV changes but the characters are so different that I could tell who I was reading...
A few things are left hanging, so hopefully a sequel will be in the future.

A great read!

She oozes sexuality, but not in the come-and-get-it kind of way. It is more "don't bother, you can't afford me"
It is always the insane who think other people are loony
She was wearing so much make-up that you could only see lips before you realized that there was actually a person attached to them
listen to my fake British accent please so that you may determine for yourself just how important I am
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I received this book in E-Book format from the author for review. This did not influence my review. 


  1. I've read nothing but good reviews regarding this book so far, can't wait to read it myself! (So many books, so little time!)

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