Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jane and the Dragon

An ultimate favourite kids TV show of mine is Jane and the Dragon that I have recently re-discovered through the amazingness of YouTube. (YAY)

It is so funny and I think it hits so many levels that even at 21 I can sit and watch it and thoroughly enjoy it.

And! It has to have one of the BEST theme tunes on the planet.

JESTER -There once was a lady in waitingLet's call her Jane.That girl wasn't ordinary- 
JANE - No way for me a lady stuck in waitingI'd rather battle fire-breathing dragonsI knew I could prove that a girl could be a KnightThough my friends all laughed at mebut...I wouldn't be discouraged and trained in secretThen a dragon pinched the Royal Princeand everyone was freakingSo I went alone to the dragon's hometo slay the dragon 
CHORUS - Hey now, hey now nowJane and the Dragon are best friends now 
JANE - Dragon's sweet, he let me save the young PrinceThen the King made me a Knight apprentice 
CHORUS - Hey now hey now now... 
JANE - With Dragon's help I'll be a Knight someday

PURE amazingness!

And Dragon and Jane's friendship is lovely...

The TV series is based on books written and illustrated by Martin Baynton.

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