Friday, 26 August 2011

The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen

Two hundred years ago, humans drove the dragons from the islands of May. Now, the last of the dragons rises to wreak havoc anew-with only a healer's daughter and a kite-flying would-be hero standing in its way.
The isles ran red and dark with dragon blood till all of them were gone.
Or so the humans believed.
Now with an opening like that you would think this was going to be one dramatic piece of graphic novelisation…

This started of brilliantly and I fell into the story easily but then there were some bits that threw me straight back out again. Like having ‘cool’ thrown into the story. REALLY. Apparently having your baby sibling eaten by a dragon is cool and then the hero choosing to use a kite to slay the dragon over, say a sword or spear is cool too. In what world would any teenage boy think that a kite is cool? Seriously. For a story that had - up until that point - been pretty serious it seems very infantile and out of place.

There are deaths in this - as the dragon is going around gobling up people - but when this happens we aren't given any gooey detailed pictures which is good.

And I really didn’t like the hero, who started off as a liar and a drunk and then ended up owning a tavern at the end and married to our heroin. Anyone else see a problem here?

And since the dragons were there first I was all for the dragon eating them all – seemed fair to me.

The art work was gorgeous, though at times there was something lacking from it.

A quick graphic novel.

*I received this book in e-book form  from NetGalley*  

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  1. It sounds good and the artwork is lovely, I didn't realize it was a graphic novel but my interest has definitely been picked!

    Thanks for the review

  2. @ Alex (A Girl, Books, OtherThings)

    I didn't realise it was a graohic novel wither lol, until I started reading it and then it was a case of 'oh, OK, cool, graphic novel' hehe


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